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I had my Lexus GS300 timing belt replaced by dealer at 110K miles including a new head gasket. After three years at 145K the head gasket was blown, and it's obviously the dealer didn't do a good job to install and torqued it properly. Defective head. Never torqued properly at installation. Ran the car for a long period of time with little or no coolant/oil.

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Q: Why would a head gasket blow on a three year car?
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How do blow a head gasket?

Let the engine overheat will normally blow the head gasket.

Why would there be blow back coming from the radiator?

Cracked head or bad head gasket.

Will straight pipes blow a head gasket?

No, head gaskets usually blow because the engine overheated or there was a defect in the gasket or head during production.

How do you you blow a head gasket?

Anytime the engine overheats you have the possibility of blowing the head gasket.

Why does a head gasket blow?

most probable cause would be over heating

Do head gaskets blow on Toyota Highlander?

A head gasket can blow on any thing.

What would cause my 2003 expedition to blow white smoke.?

sounds like it might be head gasket or intake gasket

Why would the exhaust from a 1995 Eagle Talon come out white?

blow head gasket

How can a head gasket blow in a week?

If it was repaired before head might have been warped and wasn't checked, poor quality gasket and or incorrect torque values. A warped head won't seal no matter what you do.

Do you have to resurface the head when replacing the gasket on a gst?

It is a good idea, most the time you blow a head gasket the head will be warped.

Would a busted head gasket stall your car?

Yes, a busted head gasket might stall your car if the gasket causes the car to overheat. This can actually blow the heads and cripple the car completely.

How do you fix a blown head gasket in a 1993 Mazda mx3?

You pull the head off and change the head gasket. There is no treatment for a blow gasket, exept changing it. Its a pretty huge job I would suggest getting it at the garage and get a quote.

How do you replace a head gasket for 1986 suzuki samuari?

should you drain oil in the car if the head gasket is blow

Will a busted radiator blow a head gasket?


What causes a head gasket on a car to blow?

Anything that causes the engine to run hot, like a faulty thermostat, can cause the head gasket to blow. also say a coolant hose ruptures, all the coolant is then drained from the radiator and the engine is then essentially running with no way to cool down, gasket blows. there are many ways for the engine to run hot, but it is the main reason a head gasket would blow out.

What does the head gasket do in a car engine?

A head gasket joins that cylinder head with the cylinder block. It separated the oil and the coolant passages. If the two mix, the head gasket will "blow" soon.

Can you blow a head gasket if you put a performance air fillter on?

No, the type air filter you use will have no detrimental effect on the head gasket. Head gaskets normally blow due to engine overheating.

Can a blow head gasket cause blow by in crank case?

Yes it can, my head gasket blew on by truck just a little causing oil to enter the cylinder chamber. Once I did an oil change it would get black within the next couple of days, that is a definate sign of blow by.

How do you blow an head gasket?

Normally they blow due to engine overheating. They can sometimes blow for no apparent reason.

What happens if your engine overheats?

You can blow a head gasket or the head can crack or be warped.

If you have oil on the water container is that a head gasket blown?

yes it does when u blow the head gasket the oil mixes with the water

Why would 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee blow white smoke?

possibly blown head gasket

How can a new BMW 323i gasket blow with less than 17000kms?

If you are referring to the head gasket it can blow easily if the engine overheats. Unless there is a factory defect this is usually why head gaskets blow and mileage on the engine is not a factor.

Can a misfire blow a head gasket?

Yes, if you're unlucky.

Will a cracked head gasket on a 1996 Subaru Legacy L 2.2L cause the car to overheat and the heater to blow out cold air also?

the blown head gasket would make it over heat. but it wouldn't cause the heater to blow cold, it should actually blow hot if that is wat happened