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Why would a head gasket blow on a three year car?


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2006-03-08 05:00:06
2006-03-08 05:00:06

I had my Lexus GS300 timing belt replaced by dealer at 110K miles including a new head gasket. After three years at 145K the head gasket was blown, and it's obviously the dealer didn't do a good job to install and torqued it properly. Defective head. Never torqued properly at installation. Ran the car for a long period of time with little or no coolant/oil.


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Let the engine overheat will normally blow the head gasket.

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No, head gaskets usually blow because the engine overheated or there was a defect in the gasket or head during production.

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Anytime the engine overheats you have the possibility of blowing the head gasket.

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most probable cause would be over heating

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