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Why would a home heater be blowing cold air?

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Only the fan is working, there is no gas burning (gas heater) or the electric heating element is not working(electric heater)

Answeris it electric gas or oil

Its gas.

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Why is your home electric heater blowing cold air?

One reason your home electric heater is blowing cold air is the heating elements are burned out. A bad thermostat may also be the problem.

Why is your home heater blowing cold?

Check to see if you pilot light is lit

Why is your home air conditioner blowing air but no cold air is coming out?

my air conditionel is blowing hot air what i need to do how i put air in my home window conditional

Can you drive a car home when the heater core is out?

you would have to bypass the heater core first.

Can a thermostat cause heater in house to blow cold air?

No, not if it's on a heat setting. Most home thermostats have a "Fan" setting that will blow cold air if the attic is cold.

Home Heater blows cold air and the fan wont shut off?

It sound like the thermostat is broken

Why would a mobile homes central electric heat system blow cold out from one side while blowing hot air at the same time from the other vents?

A duct has come apart under the home?

Why is the intake grill of your home air conditioner blowing cold air?

A supply duct connected to the return duct somewhere? Fan running backwards?

Why does the air coming from your home air conditioner vents smell like stale smoke but not when your heater is on in a duplex where the other family smokes?

This has much to do with how the air conditioner and the heater is vented. If the air conditioner draws its air from outside it could be picking up air / smell of smoke from the other family and then redistributing it into your home. A heater on the other had usually has a heater input vent within the house it is heating (it draws the interior air in and then heats it blowing it back out) as the air within the home will be significantly warmer than the exterior air.

How would one change a heater coil on a 1998 V6 Ford Mustang?

A Ford Mustang does not have a heater coil. You must be thinking of your home HVAC.

Will insurance cover a hot water heater?

Regular home owners insurance does not cover a water heater. If it leaked and damaged the floor, carpet, walls or furnishings, those would be covered, but not the heater.

What is the average temperature of a hot water heater?

I would say average is 130 f in a home

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Where can someone buy a Lasko ceramic heater?

There are many places where one could purchase a Lasko ceramic heater. The best places to purchase a Lasko ceramic heater would be a hardware store like Home Depot.

How much does a gas heater cost?

how much does the average gas home heater cost for a 3 bedroom single home?

What direction is the wind blowing at Coors Field if it is blowing straight out from Home Plate to straightaway center field?

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What are various common options for home heater systems?

Home heater systems can be both gas and electric. The most common options are a fake fireplace, a portable space heater or just a plain old heater routed throughout the house.

How to take off a cold sore at home?

I would'nt, it would make it worse

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Can you replace a modular home water heater with a regular gas water heater?

If your modular home has a regular gas supply that is a satisfactory way to do it.

Your home unit fan is not blowing?

Then stop getting on your knees....

What is the difference between an electric mobile home hot water heater vs a regular electric hot water heater?

Not much actually,a Mobile Home water Heater has the water connections going into the side where as a Regular Water Heater has the connections at the top. So if you have enough room above a mobile home water heater you can install a regular water heater no problem.However a lot of mobile homes do not have room above the water heater so your forced to use a Mobile Home water heater instead. Which usually costs about a hundred more than a regular one.

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What size water heater tank do I need for a 1650 sq ft home?

I would fit a 60 gallon tank.

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