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He has demonstrated that you can't trust him. If that kind of behavior is acceptable to you, go ahead and stay with him. But the simple, sad truth is, he will do it again.

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What will you do if your husband cheats?

If your husband cheated on you, you'd either give him another chance for your marriage, or break up with him. If your husband cheats you will have to decide if the marriage is worth saving. In many cases, if a man cheats he will more than likely cheat again and you should move on. If he truly wants to change then you can set up marriage counseling.

What should you do with a husband of 20 years who cheated on you?

Only you can make that decision. Marriage is about trust. If you don't feel that the trust can be repaired you need to take that into consideration when you make your decision. If you decide to try to make it work you should probably talk to a marriage counselor.

You have been married 3 months today and realize it was a mistake Do you annul the marriage or file for divorce?

I think you should talk to your husband about what you feel and ask him what he thinks. If that doesn't work, it's better to annul the marriage.

Husband had an affair should you tell her husband?

Only you can decide what you wish to do with that but remember it takes two to decide on having the affair in the first place so she is not the only one to blame they both are equally to blame. I realize you may be hurting and also wish to do the same to someone else and realistically most people would tell her husband but that is something only you can decide for yourself just as you are going to have to decide if your able to forgive and try to work out your marriage or let go and move on.

Why should Hesters marriage be a failure?

Because of the past Hester's marriage to Chillingworth should be a failure. Hester says she did not ever love her husband.

What to do about a bigamist marriage when the other husband died?

If you are a bigamist and your first, and legal, husband died then you should arrange to marry your present "husband". Until you do you are not legally married since your "marriage" to him was invalid due to your own marital status.

What does Jesus teach about Marriage?

that it should be between a man and a woman, and the woman should submit herself to her husband

I got married in Pennsylvania at the Justice Of Peace and my Husband has been cheating on me with my 16 yr old cousin is our marriage void he also hasn't seen our child in 3 months what should i do?

A legal marriage is not voided by cheating. Divorce him. Contact an attorney for help.

Why is it when a wife wants to end the marriage that's when her husband start changing?

He doesn't want to lose her. They should seek marriage counselling.

How would a Sunni woman deal with a husband that has withdrawn himself from the marriage?

She would have to talk to him about their marriage and whether or not they should stay married.

Is your husband allowed to have another relationship even if you are not yet annulled?

No, a Marriage is for One to One but if the husband is in another relationship you are 50% of his a Love remember that. Also if i does have another Relationship but not Marriage it should be Legal

Should you divorce your lazy husband?

You are the only person who can decide if you are better off with him or without him.

Can you ever trust your unfaithful husband after his affair?

Trust is earned and your husband broke that bond of trust so he is going to have to earn it back. Both of you should seek marriage counseling to get to the root of why your husband thought he should cheat and the counselor can give tools for the couple to work with and strengthen their marriage. A marriage counselor is not there to blame either party, but to get you both to see the weak spots in your marriage and work on them. No, you will probably not trust your husband for cheating for awhile because trust is earned.

Should you go back with your ex husband for the sake of your 3 kids even though you are remarried?

No, if you are currently in a working marriage, it's never fair or appropriate to terminate that marriage just to take back up with an ex. You should allow your ex to be a father to his children, yes, but leave your current husband to reconcile with a ex husband you should not.

Should you hunt down the woman that had an affair your husband?

No, it is a waste of energy for you to hunt down the woman that had an affair with your husband. You are going after the wrong person! Your husband is an adult and he was at fault and he could have formed the word 'no' to any affair, yet he persisted and it is your husband that you should be communicating too and perhaps marriage counselling to help you with tools to better your marriage if you want to save it.

Should you tell your husband that his affair has caused you to reject him sexually?

When a wife has been cheated on by her husband and they get back together again the road to recovering their marriage is not an easy one. The wife is hurt and her imagination sees her husband with the other woman as well as that precious bond of trust you once had together be carelessly tossed away and it is quite normal not to feel like having a sexual relationship with him. However, communication is the key and you should be honest with each other and seek marriage counseling. If you do not then he may cheat again or decide to divorce.

What can you do if your brother is giving your husband trouble about the way you believe?

Discuss it with your husband to decide if brother should be asked to leave; or if you are somewhere other than your home, if you and your husband should leave. No one has the right to interfere with your relationship with your husband (other than an abusive situation).

What can you do when your husband marries another wife?

You should notify the new "wife" that your husband is already married. His second marriage is not valid until you and he obtain a divorce.

Should I cheat on my husband if I think I am in love?

No, you should be honest and leave the marriage. ________________________________ Never cheat. It just makes the pain when you are caught - and you WILL be caught - worse. Make two lists; on one list, write down everything that you love about your husband or partner. On the other, write everything that you dislike about your partner. The result will help you decide whether to leave or to stay.

You left your marriage for another man should you go back and give marriage another try?

You must have had a reason why you left your husband. If those problems are not solved, you will face the same problems when you go back. The other thing is: how will your husband treat you when you come back? I would recommend you a marriage counseling before you move back to your husband.

What if your husband tells you he get fall out of love on you what should you do?

If your husband says he doesn't love you anymore get divorced ,you need to move on from a loveless marriage before that do go in for couple counselling

What to do if your husband cheats and give you an STD?

You should see a doctor before you see a marriage counselor or an attorney.

Should ex wife attend ex husband funeral?

If depends on what happened to end the marriage and the relationship.

What would you do if you caught your husband cheating?

Life can be complicated and no human is perfect. Some people make a mistake once such as cheating. If your husband has not cheated before then both of you should seek marriage counseling and try to keep the marriage together especially if you have children. If he has cheated more than once then you should separate for several months so each of you can think through the problems in your marriage. If you cannot afford marriage counseling (some men refuse to go) then at least sit down calmly together in private and ask him why he felt he needed to cheat and, if possible both of you work together to make your marriage stronger. Marriage and getting older are not for sissies.

Is there something wrong with dating your uncle even though he is only related by marriage?

If your uncle is related to you by marriage, then he is the husband of your aunt. You should not be dating a married man.