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Many men are just simply lazy when it comes to keeping up with friends. Most men I know really don't like talking on the phone as much as women, so unless they hang around with a bunch of friends at work or at their favorite bar or bump into them plans are seldom made. It's usually the woman in the relationship that keeps up the social side of things. I have to kick my hubby's butt to phone his friends and get himself out to have some fun and head space. Once he get's going he has a blast. You said the magic words, "He's answering the phone because you want him too, not because he wants too." A little push here and there won't hurt him. I'd have a talk with him and see why he hasn't kept in touch with friends. Perhaps he has out-grown his old friends and wants new ones, but can't seem to find anyone he really relates too. Many people can go through this. Also, it's possible he may be depressed, over-worked and just doesn't have the energy. It's best to ask him and find out why he feels this way.

2006-07-24 08:48:25
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Q: Why would a man stop calling old friends and answering the phone when his friends and family call because his spouse wants him to?
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