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Because that is just the way they are. Always say "They won't come back, but be prepared for what if?" In the 10 years I spent with my husband,(9 of those married) he left so many times I lost track. The time spans got longer and the states he moved to added up. In less than 3 years my husband lived in 3 states. Once again I have filed for a divorce (this being the 3rd time) and I pray every day that I go through with it this time. When he decided to leave this time leaving me with our 7 mo. old daughter I had asked him to cut back on his drinking. He called me at work and said he would and is everything going to be ok with us. He left for a week to his job and when he came back he told me he was going to do what he wanted and this and that and 3 days later he told me I was never going to change and it was all my fault etc. and he was moving out. Not once did I hear anything about his lying, constant cheating, hiding money,or treating every one like crap to make him look good. He actually rented a house,(deposit and 1st months rent), deposits for utilities etc. and never even lived there just to hear from him 12 days later (while he was on the road) telling me he was moving to another state. So him and a friend he was rooming with (who just happens to live in this state) came and got his belongings and now he is gone. The funny thing is he told me to stop trying to push him away from his daughter, and how he loved her whole heartedly and on and on moves 8 hours away. That's love right there. I have been charmed by this man so many times I always take him back. I've had alot of time to think about this though and realized if he won't change for a beautiful,dark haired, dark eyed little part of him, he will not change for no one and that's the reality. Hang in there, your days will get better!

2006-07-20 20:35:27
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Q: Why would a narcissist end a good relationship and never return without even saying goodbye or explaining why he broke up?
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How can you have a relationship with a narcissist without feeling abused?

. You couldn't (improve on last answer, or have a relationship with a Narcissist without feeling abused).You cannot have a relationship with an abuser without feeling abused.

Why does your narcissist tell you he loves you but refuses to give you a commitment?

He loves himself more. Are you sure you want a commitment from a narcissist? He is not ready for a commitment. You need to decide for yourself how long you want to stay in the relationship without a commitment.

What dos a narcissist do when he ends the relationship?

They leave without feeling anything. most likely they already have an auxiliary supply ready to tap in to (the next sucker). People are objects to a narcissist, so to them it is like buying a new cell phone and throwing the old one in a junk drawer and forgetting about it.

Do narcissists or people with PDs try to rekindle relationships even if they've been dumped?

A "true" narcissist will always, without fail, attempt to hang onto any relationship in which the narcissist gains "narcissistic supply." A "true" narcissist will not be deterred! They will do what it takes, say what it takes and follow-up with whatever actions are necessary to hang onto narcissistic supply. They will attempt to rekindle the broken relationship because they do not accept the fact that the relationship is over. If you respond in any calls, text messages, letters...etc...the narcissist accepts this as proof that he still holds some interest in your life. He will remain relentless in his attempt to gain any attention whatsoever from his! You may find it flattering that someone seems so attached to you that they will do anything to keep you around, but just know that you are not a human being in the sense that we are human beings. People, to the "true" narcissist", are simply objects in which to gain the attention they so desperately crave. If you can accept that fact (and it is a fact) feel free to continue a relationship with a narcissist. However, if you ever wish to have a meaningful and intimate relationship, you should search out and find a healthy human being. The narcissist will always be a narcissist and there is nothing in the world that will change that fact. Nothing! It is unfortunate because, generally speaking, narcissists are talented, charming and successful people. They simply do not possess empathy or compassion for any human on the planet. Those emotions are not present in the narcissist nor will they ever become present. The part of the psychological make up found in normal-healthy minds is absolutely missing in the narcissist. EXAMPLE: If a person were born without legs, that person could have artificial legs attached. However, the artificial legs will never "grow" naturally. A person born without empathy or the capacity to love does have the ability to observe the behaviors of others who feel empathy and love. The narcissist can learn to mimick the behaviors of empathy and love. The narcissist will never have the ability to "grow" feelings of empathy or love. That simple!

What are the ratings and certificates for Without a Kiss Goodbye - 1993 TV?

Without a Kiss Goodbye - 1993 TV is rated/received certificates of: Australia:M Iceland:L UK:15

What item would a narcissist always carry with him or her?

His cellphone ! they would never be without a mirror!!!!!!!!!

Why do narcissists simply disappear without any explanation or closure to the relationship?

They aren't even aware you're there. once your purpose to them has been fulfilled, or you out live your usefulness to them they move on to greener pastures. In thier mind there is no need to say goodbye because you were not the important component to the relationship. They were.

Can a narcissist handle rejection?

No because rejection means you know who and what they really are and know all their true self. They think they are god and that one cannot live without them. They believe that you are the one who needs them, when in reality it is the other way around. Once a narcissist always a narcissist. They cannot change

What are some things you do to communicate without words?

waving hello and goodbye

What does it mean when a man leaves a relationship without saying goodbye?

He might be an ass. He may have said something weeks ago. Knowing nothing about the relationship, it's impossible to say what his feelings are. You probably know the answer if you are willing to look for it and deal with it. Hard to accept, but you are probably better off without him. May hurt, but that's the chance we take when we get involved with someone.

What should you do if you want your soon-to-be ex-Narcissist out of your life but have 1-year-old twins together and what are suggestions for the best relationship with your narcissist?

You have to assess whether this person could be a danger to your children. Would controlled visitation be an option? Otherwise if this person is dangerous, the children are probably better off without any contact. They will be fine as long as you are honest with them as they grow up.

How does a narcissist think?

The way in which a narcissist thinks is basically everything to do with the self. It is all what is in it for them, what they can gain out of each situation, what they can extract from each person they come into contact with. When they have no particular use for that person, they discard them without a second's thought.

What is a relationship without trust?

Its really not a relationship if there is no trust. That is a relationship based on lies

How do you write a reflective paper without using I?

try explaining it like a fact, not as an opinion.

What happens to a narcissist if they cannot finish their supply?

By finish, I assume you mean that they cannot get a reaction?? Typically they will devalue or dismiss you. Without a response a true narcissist will burn up inside! Remember that all of their being revolves around what they need. Without a confrontation or a response a narc will eventually fade away

What is a relationship without being a relationship?

It is an observed relationship, a higher state of awareness where unconsciousness is not the goal.

Does a Narcissist ever wish they could truly feel human emotions?

Yes. They just do not have the ability without professional help.

Communication in a relationship?

Is key, without it a relationship won't and can't survive.

What is the most important part of a relationship?

Trust, honesty. Without that, there is no relationship.

How is trust important in a relationship?

Without trust relationship doesn't exist.

How do narcissists choose their victims?

Narcissists usually will pick someone with a good nature, someone that is kind and empathetic. They also zero in on a person who is needy. Such a person will forgive the narcissist for their abuse and permit the narcissist to manipulate and control them.Co-dependent individuals are prime meat for a narcissist. Such individuals will stay in an abusive relationship long after anyone else would've left. The co-dependent individual will blame themselves for a lot of the problems in the relationship and feel they cannot survive without the narcissist, allowing the narcissist to extract narcissistic supply from them through abuse and extracting idealisation from them.Self confident and strong willed individuals are not preferred by narcissists as these type of people will challenge the narcissists bad behaviour and not permit the narcissist to get away with their abusive and exploitative ways.Further, those with few friends, who come from troubled backgrounds are preferred by narcissists. These individuals are the most vulnerable to narcissistic abuse and manipulation and provide a steady stream of narcissistic supply.

What does it mean when you go to tell your girlfriend goodbye and instead you say I love you without even meaning to say it?

It means you are going through the phase where your relationship is going to the next level, where you realize you are getting so attracted to the girl that you don't know what you're saying and doing. Don't worry, this is a sign to a long-lasting relationship. :)

Can you say your in a relationship with someone on Facebook without their consent?

No you can only make it say "In a relationship" without consent of the other party.

What is goals that promote satisfying relationship?

Trust is the main factor in a relationship. Without it, there isn't much of a relationship.

Why put parenthesis in a sentence?

To explain something within the sentence without finishing the sentence before explaining.