Why would a spouse you suspect of cheating hold on yet try to catch you in lies and spy on you?

Guilty Conscious

Guilty Conscious is right

I would say to make an attempt to show he/she is just so in to you, plus they need to keep up with your whereabouts so they can do their dirt. I know, I've just gone through that. My husband would call me constantly "to see where I am" only to find out he was cheating on me the entire time. This reminds me of ''The best defense is a good offense.'' (i.e. if you are verbally attacked, attack back, and it'll keep 'em guessing). My husband does this to me ALL the time. He calls me every hour on the hour to see where i am or what im doing and who im doing it with. Only to find out, he wasnt working like he said, but was with another woman that i know. This woman takes my children to and from school. This woman used to be a close friend of mine. My husband comes home from work, straight to the bathroom to shower and change. Puts his own clothes in the hamper or wash. Im sitting home with 3 kids and he knows i cant go everywhere all the time, so he makes plans with his pals to go out when im unable to up and go. That's when he meets up with her. Ive been with him 11 yrs. I want to leave, but my children will suffer from all this. I love him as a person, but im not in love with him. I cant be. He has done this since my second child, ive took him back and forgave him, BUT i couldn't forget. I cant trust him at all. He tells me all the time he hates coming home to me, that im nothing, and that the only reason he hasn't left yet is because he doesnt want to pay all that child support (3 kids). I don't know really what to do. Im trying to do whats right for my kids, but is it worth it to be miserable all your life? Leave him for your kids, let you kids learn how NOT to be abused. You will be happy again.