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elecronics need fixing or alternator need replacing elecronics need fixing or alternator need replacing

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Q: Why would a vehicle have low revs?
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What causes your vehicle to vibrate excessively at low revs of 800 to 2100 RPM?

Excessive vibrating at low RPM can be caused by worn-out engine mounts. These pieces mount the engine to the frame of the vehicle, and when they wear out, the engine can literally lift and shift out of place when the car is running

What would cause 1994 ford telstar to miss spark at low revs?

Vacuum leak or blown intake gasket.

What causes a 1994 Astro to stall on low revs and on idle speed when it runs fine on freeways and higher revs?

Possibly a stuck or sticking EGR valve.

Why your car revs but do not go faster?

Mine does the same. its because its a heavier vehicle with a small engine like a V6

Where on a motor vehicle would low carbon be used?

Yes. Low carbon steel is used in the body of the car.

Why two stroke engines are hi-speed engines and four stroke engines are hi-torque engines?

generally , two strokes are smaller capacity , shorter stroke, higher revs. for given engine capacity , long stroke /small bore = high torque / low revs short stroke/big bore = low torque / high revs

Where on a motor vehicle would low carbon steel be used?

Yes. Low carbon steel is used in the body of the car.

Is it okay to have a long drive for new vehicle?

its OK if you vary the revs and not sit on a constant speed for long periods of time.

How do you know when an alternator is going bad?

Battery fails to charge, alt light comes on, sometimes only at low revs. Check with meter shows low or no charging voltage (close to or less than battery voltage) voltage does not increase to charging volts with engine revs increase

What would cause revs to rise when sitting idle?

A vaccum Leak

What would cause your vehicle's daytime lamps and low beam lights not to come on?

Bulbs burned out?

When following another vehicle you should use low beams?

Yes, that would be common sense.

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