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Maybe for her, that is true. Sometimes the heart and the head don't exactly line up.


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it is better for a guy to love you more than a guy who don't love you. You could be happy that someone loves you rather than somene who doesn't love you

A melolagnia person is a person who loves musics.

It means they love you in the way that they are capable of loving. Everyone loves in their own way! As long as he or she loves you and shows you love, that is what is important. Be happy someone loves you!

Unfortunately you have to grin and bear it, move on and find someone, someone who loves you for what you are. That person is out there.

You explain to them that you love them, and you'll do everything you can to make sure they know that, but at the same time, you have to let that person know you are not happy. If that person truly loves you, they will do anything they can to make you happy. If you don't tell them, it will just end badly for both of you.

you know when someone loves you becase they show you they love you they treat you equel to them not lower they make you feel happy when your around them

Forget about the love of someone else and start loving yourself!

If someone loves you all they want to do is be around you and talk to you constantly. They will do anything to make you happy.

No she wasn't. She loves to sing and loves to know that someone cares about her. She is very, very happy.

you should stick with who u love, if that person really loves you they`ll want you to be happy

nothing will actually happen, but you will not be happy and neither will the person you are with because they will realise that connection is lost, but the person you love may not love you back, and if they dont you will be leaving the person who loves you for someone who doesn't even like you in that way.

Someone who loves boys and girls. =)

Someone who really loves cats.

Get over that person or tell it how you feel.

Bradie prefers someone that will keep him happy and loves him for him :)

This is a really hard situation that your in. I can understand that your in love with someone else, but he loves you. It's always about what makes the other person happy. But, you also need to be happy. Ask yourself "Do you want to be a person that doesn't love you, but loves someone else, and your still with that person?". How would you feel? You can always tell the person that you just want to be friends, if he "really" cared and loved you, he would understand and except the statement. And he wouldn;t argue about it, and just act cool. I hope this helps :)

Well hun, if he loves you, then why would he love someone else? Or why would he love you if he loves someone else? Just think, if he truly loves someone, he wouldn't love another person even if he shows it or not. So, he might be lying, sorry to say.

his company is not bored . he cares about you

Shay: A determined, strong, loving, and kind person. Someone who has gone through many trials and hard times and still manages to stay bright and happy. Always helping others with anything. Loves life and loves to smile.

It means that he/she truly loves you and no matter how you are or how you look like, he/she loves you anyways.

Loving a person is not a crime in law. You can love anyone and depends how that person is.

To be love is like to fill happy about yourself and who you really are and knowing someone loves you because you are special to them

Just be happy for her =] Your friend has found someone who loves her.

Waiting a certain period of time you can tell if someone really loves you. But sometimes the feeling of love comes not at once but progressively as both feel happy themselves on being together.

This means that someone loves that boy/girl but they were taken by another person.

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