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Why would an '87 300zx engine start up and then die right away?

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Answered 2006-07-28 21:22:36

my 87 just had this problem...it was the mass air flow sensor. if its not that try the computer my 86 had the same problem, it was the Mass Air Flow Sensor

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Would a 1991 300zx engine fit on a 1994 300zx?

They're all the same from 90-96, you're golden

Can a 350zx engine fit in a 1996 300zx?

yea but you have to change the mounts and the radiator but why would you do that just turbo it

What would cause the engine of a 1990 Nissan 300ZX to shake after you start it then eventually die?

If a tune up was done recently then the spark plugs and the wires are hooked up wrong. If not then the engine could be out of time, or be extremely low on fluids. Good luck.

What would cause a 1991 Ninssan 300ZX to pull when driving it and the engine light is on?

What is your definition of "pulling"? What are you trying to describe?

Why would a 300zx not start in cold weather?

Clean the mass air inflow sensor. You may also have some engine sensors that are borderline working and won't cause a check engine code but are feeding the engine control computer the skewed readings. If you have a check engine light on- go repair that problem. LOL

How do you remove engine from 91 300zx?

It would take a long time to explain, so please refer to the 300ZX service manual. It is available for free on the internet, just do a google search for it. I'm not trying to be condescending.

Why would 300zx engine lock?

Most likely severe overheating, or no engine oil is left in the oil pan. It could also be that your starter does not work, which is an easy repair.

Why would a Nissan 300zx not start without using starting fluid when the fuel pump has just been replaced?

It was probably not replaced right. Did you test it first? Also check the fuel pump relay.

Swap engine in 300zx?

SR20, VQ35, VG30DETT, KA, RB...I think they've all been done. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ dont forget about the 300ZX with the VG45DE TT from the Infiniti Q45. Personally, i would just stick to the VG30DETT. Its perfect for the car

What would cause your 1990 300zx idle rough?

my 1990 300zx is idling rough what could cause this?

Why would the clutch slip on a 1987 Nissan 300zx?

Lining worn to to improper use? Rear engine seal leaking on clutch? Improper adjustment?

Would a engine of a auto trans non turbo work in a manual non turbo in a 300zx?

Yes the engines are exactly the same if they are of the same year

What would make a 1993 geo prisim just die and not start cranks but wont start?

If an engine has: * compression * fuel * ignition spark delivered in the right quantities and at the right time while the engine is being "cranked" by the starter motor, it will start. Your problem now is to find out which isn't working right. I always suggest starting fluid to help isolate the problem

Engine will start on run cycle but not in start position?

The year, make, model and engine info would help.

Would Girls find more appealing 300zx or 3000GT?

300zx without a doubt. 3000gt are nice but no competition with the z32

95 subaru legacy engine won't start turns over but does not start what are the componates that would prevent engine start?

That engine needs fuel, compression and spark to start and run. You are missing one of those.

Will your car start if the engine has seized?

NO it should not start but if does I would call it a miracle.

Why would your 1998 Ford F-150 not start?

There are four things needed for an engine to start. Air, compression, good fuel at the right time, and strong spark at the right time. You are missing one or more of those things.

Can an engine be swapped from a 1990 300zx twin turbo into a 1986 300zx non turbo?

although possible, it is not recommended. The actual cast engine block is the same however, the intake manifold and exhaust manifolds are to wide to fit into the z31 engine bay. So it is possible but would take a good amount of custom fabrication. I'd recommend an sr20 or rb series motor swap. considerably less modification

What is the horsepower rating of a Datsun 280z with a 3200 engine?

The Datsun 280z never had a 3200 engine. I don't think Nissan ever has had a 3200 engine. Maybe in one of the newer maxima's or something. The closet thing would be a 3000 engine from a 300zx but it did not come stock that way. Someone would have motor swap it. It came with a 2800 motor

Can you replace a 1993 300zx non-turbo engine with a 2006 350z engine?

I don't know why you would want to because the vg30dett is a better engine anyways, but no, not without some Major modifications, plus a new transmission, drive shaft and rear differential.

What would cause a 1986 Toyota celica engine to die when driving it but will start right back up?

Fuel filter may be clogging up enough to not provide enough gasoline to keep the engine running, but will accumulate enough gasoline in it to re-start the vehicle.

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