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Maybe mine was bit different but when I started it, it was sounding odd. I drove it for a few miles and it just seized up. Had to replace the whole motor. The dealer would not tell me what caused it but I assume the owner before me did not change the timing belt, which i think caused it. I remember looking down near the left side of the engine and there was a broken shaft where the belt goes normally. This was a 1995 Passat TD Diesel Check for broken wires, especially ground wires,,,make sure no wires live wires are touching metal In my 86 Jetta the trunk light switch was defective and caused thelight in the trunk to stay on and kill the battery. I repaired it and all is good I would check you Battery if it don't turn over ,a Diesel engine has a very high compression and needs lots of battery tork to turn it over and batterys sometimes just die for no reason,it happend to me.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-29 15:26:52
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Q: Why would an 86 diesel Jetta stop running and not turn over in a matter of a day?
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you could, but than you would have to change verything except for the block itself, so the cheaper option would be to get a drivetrain from a wrecked golf/jette diesel.

What is the red wrench lite showing on the dash of a 2006 Jetta diesel?

My best guess would be that it means you need to perform your regular maintenence

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Is there anything besides the alternator being bad that would cause a 2002 Volkswagen jetta to stop running when the battery is disconnected?


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How much would it cost to replace the throttle position sensor on a 1999 Jetta?

The cost to replace the throttle position sensor on a 1999 Jetta depends on whether the engine is gas or diesel. The gas engine throttle position sensor will cost around $100 just for the part. The diesel engine part is slightly higher. Labor costs are around $75 to $100 per hour depending on where the vehicle will be serviced. This job should take about one hour.

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