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Why would an 89 Chevy Caprice jerk and buck only after exiting an expressway while accelerating between 5 and 35 mph?

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August 21, 2005 10:58PM

you may need a tune up, or check your timing, or make sure your

pickup tube in your fuel tank is not bent or clogged. There are

many things that could cause your vehicle to behave in this manner,

but start with checking tune up parts (plugs, wires, cap, rotor,

engine sensors, etc) this will cost nothing unless you find a

faulty part. Do you mean jerking like the transmission is pushing

and pulling? This happens on my 89 Caprice and only after I'm

speeding down the freeway. I'm guessing it is just a stupid

transmission and just ignore it. IT COULD BE YOUR EGR VALVE OR A

VACCUME LEAK I had the same problem and got all kinds of advice,

but ignored the spark plug wires when doing the tune up! It really

mattered. I ended up getting lifetime wires but not sure when to

cash in, probably a year and 1/2. I think they ran some of these

wires much too close to the engine and the wires seem thinner these

days. Another common problem on this model seems to be the check

engine light 22, for throttle position sensor. After changing it

twice I noticed grease builds up at the bottom, preventing the TPS

from returning 100% and causing lunges at traffice lights. Now if

the light comes on, I just wipe the TPC clean with coffee filter

and Q tip. The light will stay off for about 6-9 months per

cleaning. Do these 2 fixes and I would bet the EGR is not involved,

although I have heard of them needing to be changes. All the right

advice is here, of course look and listen for vacuum leaks and do a

full tune up. These engines can take a ton of abuse and come back.

My engine is almost silent at lights and I can hear new cars

clicking and clacking away.

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