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The throttle body needs taken off and cleaned behind the butterfly.(4 bolts and the air intake hose clamp)

Answeri have a 2000 Mercury Mountaineer, basically the same vehicle. we also have this problem. we had it looked at twice. they cleaned the catalytic converters, it was fine for a few months. now it's back again. we either have to backout of the driveway, go dead, crank back up, go... or sit there in neutral and rev it for about 5 minutes, then it's fine. I'm no expert, but the symptoms just sounded the same. go have your catalytic convertors checked... Answersounds like it's the idle air control, small cylender on the top side of the intake, near the throttle body, two wires going to it, two bolts holding it on, if it gets dirty it chokes down the air going to the engine at idle, remove and clean with carb and choke cleaner. let dry reinstall.


AnswerIt is your IAC (idle air control) valve, located on the throttle body. You can try cleaning the throttle body like the first guy said, that may help; it did wonders for my Ranger once. AnswerI had this problem and it progressively got worse and worse... You really have to take it to someone who knows fords and worked in a Ford dealership. The first person who diagnosed the problem said the intake was dirty an the fuel line was dirty, and all 4 O2 sensors needed to be replaced, total cost of $1,500. Too much for me, so I took it to a guy that used to work in the ford dealership. This guy laughed when I told him about the prior quote... He has seen this problem over and over again in explorers and all it needs is a O-ring on the intake. The whole job cost me $400 and the truck now runs like a champ. AnswerAnother possability is that there are several culprits. You may have dirty fuel injectors (FI) which in turn cause havoc with the O2 sensors. If one FI is working properly and another is clogged causing a stream of fuel to be injected, the O2 sensors will attempt to add or remove fuel and essentially chase the problem.
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Q: Why would an engine start and then die but if you hold the RPMs at 1500 for a minute it stays running on a 1997 Ford Explorer?
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Can you run the fuel pump without the engine running on a 1998 explorer?

It will for maybe 3 seconds , when the key is turned to the run position , before you start the Explorer

2004 Ford Explorer was running fine until you turned it off now it will not start but the fuses are all fine and the fuel pump is coming on why won't it start?

Do you mean no crank/no start or crank/no start.... to put it simply, does the engine turn over?

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Whats wrong when an 86 ford aerostar keeps trying to start after the engine is running?

Whats wrong when an 86 ford aerostar keeps trying to start after the engine is running?

The engine turns but doesn't start on a 1993 Ford Explorer how do I make it start?

It is getting fuel/spark/ compression?

Can the car engine be running to jump start a motorcycle?

Yes, but not necessary.

How do you start a carbureted engine after running out of gas?

put a little bit on gas in the carb and start it up

What would cause 93 fold explorer quits running and then won't start for 20 - 30 minutes Then runs ok eventually it will do this all over again?

I'm not a mechanic / technician but I remember reading a fellows comments , he had a similar problem where his Explorer would not start when the engine was warm but after cooling off for a while it would start , and it turned out to be his COIL PACK Just an idea

What happen to engine when fuel is empty?

They start to sputter,stall and stop running.

What is the use of a motor starter?

It cranks the engine over in order for it to start running.

What happen when you put gasoline in a diesel engine?

It won't run, or it will run for a minute and not start again.

How do you start engine after 2 years?

depends on the type of engine, general rules are remove the spark plugs, squirt in a few ozs oil, turn the engine over for 1 minute, replace plugs, then start it..

Will a car start even if head gasket blown?

Yes, it will start. But know that every minute you run the engine you are doing damage.

Your engine on your 2000 ford explorer XLT rotates but want start?

Check for: fuel, spark, compression

Why does an engine turn over but not start in a Ford Explorer?

1. Does the fuel pump relay click on at all?

Does a car take more gas to start or run for a minute?

ive always heard it takes more to start but i guess it depends how long its running.

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Can you jump start a motorbike with a car battery booster?

Yes you can but not with the engine running. If you do this the alternator will kick in and transfer more amps than your bike can handle. Jump start it from a cold battery without the engine running and you'll be A OK!

Why does my engine knock every time I start my car?

Some cars will knock for th first minute or so on a cold start until the oil starts to circulate through the engine

1994 ford explorer won't start I tried starter fluid it starts for a minute or so what could the problem be?

fuel pumps bad

Is there any problem when you turn your self start again n again when your engine in start condition?

If the engine is running, you will destroy the starter and possibly the flywheel/pressure plate.

What is the problem with restarting truck after running for awhile?

if it won't start at all after running it could be vapor locked. try opening the gas cap for a minute and see if that works.

At what engine temperature does the cooling fan start running in a 1991 Oldsmobile Cutlass Sierra my car engine cuts off when the engine temperature reaches about 60 degrees Celsius or 10 minute run?

Most cooling fans come on low speed around 150 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Unless, your running the air conditioner or the defroster. Turning on your air will also activate the cooling fan.

Starter cranke but engine does not start 1997ford Explorer?

could be your coil pack / igntion moduel / or fuel pump

How do you get the alternator to turn over?

The alternator is run by a belt connected to the engine. When the engine is running the alternator is turning. The alternator is what produces the electrical current that charges the battery & powers everything electrical while the engine is running. the battery is mainly to start the engine.