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If you have a "Leak" from the cap either the cap needs to be replaced or the top of the Radiator is damaged.

It is normal for thermal expansion (water gets bigger when hot) to cause the coolant to go into the expansion tank when cars is hot and to be drawn back into the radiator as the engine cools

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Q: Why would antifreeze leak from the radiator cap?
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Where is the radiator cap on 1994 thunderbird?

Please advise where the radiator cap is located on a 1994 ford thunderbird. I have to add a stop leak product to stop antifreeze leak and I cannot locate the cap.

How would a radiator cap cause a leak?

A radiator cap would not cause a leak! However, if the radiator cap is holding pressure, other weak parts could signal issues in need of attention.

Why would antifreeze leak in your car on the driver side?

cap is off

Does antifreeze travel through the radiator cap of an 2004 impala?

Through the radiator cap no... But it does allow the antifreeze to come out through the cap if the pressure gets too high.

Where is the radiator cap for a 2001 Ford Windstar?

The 2001 Windstar has no radiator cap. It has an antifreeze bottle.

Losing antifreeze in engine?

Got a leak somewhere alos check that your radiator cap rubber/seal is not worn out, fluids can be lost from their too.

Why does your 96 Saturn sl2 burn antifreeze?

No vehicle actually burns antifreeze. If the antifreeze level in your Saturn seems to be going down, it's because of a leak.Possible antifreeze leak locations are:Coolant hoses.Radiator cap.Water pump.Heater core.Head gasket.Cracked head or block.Find out where the leak is occurring and repair it.

Where is 1995 Dodge Intrepid radiator cap?

It doesn't have one per se. The antifreeze overflow serves as the car's radiator cap. If you need to add antifreeze, add it there.

What makes your car leak antifreeze the instant you remove radiator cap?

Engine hot - normal Engine cool excessive pressure bad thermostat

How can I start my car with low antifreeze?

You need to have your antifreeze up to par and if it is a leak you are worried about until you get somewhere to have it fixed there are quick fix solutions such as Barr's Leak that you can use it will seal the leak temporarily to get you to where you are going. Do not ever open your radiator cap if your car has been running - only open it when it is cold.

What could cause steam in your bonnet?

Cooling system leak or engine overheating and steam escaping from the radiator cap.Cooling system leak or engine overheating and steam escaping from the radiator cap.

Where do you put antifreeze in a 2007 dodge charger?

In the bottle that has the radiator cap on it.

Why is my 1992 buick leaking antifreeze around top of radiator?

You likely need to replace your radiator cap - the rubber seal in the cap is worn.

How to do a coolant change on a Toyota Corolla?

To change coolant on a Toyota Corolla, place a bucket under the radiator. Open the radiator drain valve and remove the radiator cap. When all antifreeze drains out, close the drain valve. Then refill with fresh antifreeze and replace the radiator cap.

Where to add antifreeze 98 Malibu?

The radiator overfill tank is the only spot to fill the radiator. There is no fill cap on the radiator itself.

Where is the antifreeze tank in a 1992 Honda Prelude?

there is an antifreeze overflow tank, look on the radiator next to the radiator cap and there should be a smallish hose, follow it and you will find the tank.

Where do you add antifreeze to the radiator of a Chrysler Cirrus?

To the overflow tank and if the radiator has a cap,you will need to fill it with the engine cold.

Radiator cap leak?

Replace the cap with a new one. Any auto parts store will have that.

I lose about 1 gallone of Antifreeze every 130 mile and no leaks found replaced radiator cap flushed out cooling system. No antifreeze in oil and no white foam around radiator cap.?

This is an extreme amount to loose. Common sense tells you that you have a leak. The question is where is the leak? If you cannot see coolant on the pavement, then I would suspect one of two things. Either the coolant is leaking near the exhaust manifold and burning off, or you have an internal leak into the combustion chamber, ie, a blown head gasket or cracked head. Do you smell coolant? I suggest you have a compression test run asap. This will verify an internal leak. Remove the radiator cap on a cold engine, start the engine, look for air bubbles in the radiator. If you see some, you have a internal engine problem. Have this repaired immediately or you may do serious damage to this engine.

Why would a 1997 Jeep Cherokee be leaking antifreeze?

A couple of reasons, faulty waterpump, leaky radiator, bad hose, bad radiator cap, thermostat housing.

Can you drive if you have an antifreeze leak?

Yes if it isn't too bad, but you should leave the Radiator cap loose so radiator pressure wont forc the coolant out, and keep an eye on temp guage, and get it fixed anyway. Be carefull driving with the rad cap off, because coolant will splash out around the cap which can lead to it overheating faster.

How do you add antifreeze to scion Tc?

Remove the radiator cap when the engine is cool and add the coolant into the radiator or you can add to the coolant overflow bottle. DON'T remove the radiator cap when the engine is hot!!!

How do you tell if thers a leak radiator 1999 elantra?

there is a tool for the radiator to check for leaks.unscrew rad. cap and put tool cap on rad. and pump air into rad. and it will push fluid out the hole.there is your leak

How do you know if it is a radiator leak?

For radiator leaks look for the following signs: The car will overheat Coolant level will frequently drop Pool of coolant or water under the car radiator Obvious leak noted from radiator on starting the car Faulty radiator cap causing the leak

How do you Put stop leak in the radiator?

Depends, do you have a radiator cap on the radiator or is your cooling system ran from the overflow tank? if you have a cap on the radiator then the answer is pretty obvious, open the cap and pour it in. if you don't have a cap on the radiator, then you will have to remove the upper radiator hose to pour the stop leak directly in the radiator. i wouldn't try putting the stop leak in the overflow because it may not all get into the radiator thus making it less effective and could possibly even clog the lines. i had this same question and i finally found the answer so i thought i'd come back and share with you. i have a 1996 3.1 corsica and the radiator has no cap. i was thinking you could pour it in from one of the hose outlets but wasn't sure.