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Either someone left the sound suppressors off or/and didn't spray with the soundproofing.

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Q: Why would brakes on a 2003 Ford Focus still squeak at low speeds when both front and back pads and rotors have been replaced?
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Brakes were replaced on a 1997 ford explorer xlt all they do is squeak now they have been looked at twice by the person who put them in and another mechanic they cant find anything wrong whats wrong?

Needs Hi-temp brake pad grease on the back side of the pads. This should fix the problem if rotors are new or have been turned as well as new brake pads. Brakes squeak from a variety of causes. Is it a front or rear squeak? You may need to have the rotors turned or replaced if no one is able to turn them.

Why do your brakes squeak only when its cold outside?

Actually, automobile brakes squeak under several circumstances. The most common include pad or shoe wear and/or glazed rotors or shoes.

Roters and brake pads have been replaced a month ago on front of vehicle. Should brakes still be squealing when brakes are applied?

Depends on the kind of pads/rotors you got. It's normal for some compounds to squeak .

What causes 1992 brakes to squeak?

worn pads change your brake pads and get your rotors machined while your at it

You just replaced the brakes in your car and they still squeak What is the problem?

If you didn't turn the rotors (have them ground to give a smooth, even surface), the uneven rotor face on the new pads may squeal.

Why do brakes on 2002 kia optima still squeak after replaced and anti squeal goop applied?

did you put high quality brakes on your car if so then it is normal do not worry about it. even if not some brakes just squeak all the time

Why do my brakes squeak badly only for a few minutes in the morning?

mine did the same thing , I had the rotors cut and no problem after that..

What makes the brakes squeak on a Chevy Caprice?

If the front brakes squeak, it usually means thst they need to be replaced. A good indicator of this is brakes will stop squeaking when brakes are applied. Many reputable brake shops give free inspections Often it's just as simple as a wear indicator. Many GM vehicles have a wear indicator on the disk brake pads that make noise as a warning. You must remember its a chevy.. with just alittle dust a caprice can squeak for days.. ever hear a cop car braking? but it doesnt hurt to check the fluid level- pads- rotors. Caution- cuz if the rotors bent it could be that deffective lower ball joint..

Why are mt back brakes squealing Chevy has replaced them and turned the rotors and the are still squealing it has been back to Chevy 5times. They cant seem to fix it. 2007 Chevy Cobalt I deliver mail?

The caliper bolts may need lubricant as the caliper slides across the metal bolts it may squeak. Or overnight brake rotors can rust so when it first moves in the morning it may squeak.

What makes brakes squeak?

The friction between 2 objects makes them squeak

I have a 04 Mercedes C230 Kompressor Sport Sedan When I step on my brake my car shakes especially when I'm in sport mode And also the brakes sometimes squeaks too when I step on them?

If the car shakes when you press on the brakes, you probably have warpped brake rotors, and the squeak is probably some worn out front brake pads. I would have your rotors checked and either replaced (which Mercedes highly recommends or re-surfaced)

Why would the brakes still squeak after installing new brakes and rotors on an 82 Volvo 240?

Hey Ike==Ever since the EPA took away asbestos, this has been a problem. There are greases, shims etc that are designed to help but sometimes they don't. Make sure the person who replaced your pads used what the manufacturer suggested. GoodluckJoe

What does it mean when the car brakes squeak?

Some manufactures use a wear indicator that causes a squealing sound when the pads need to be replaced.

Your front end on your 2002 Chevrolet Blazer is squeaking really bad?

The brakes can squeak, the suspension can squeak, the steering can squeak, the wheel hub/bearings can squeak, have a trusted mechanic determine the source of the squeak.

Can you be stopped if your brakes squeak loudly when you come to a stop?

If they believe that your brakes are unsafe, they can stop you and force you to get an inspection. I don't think that they legally have a leg to stand on ticketing you for your brakes being loud. On another note, if your brakes are squealing, odds are that you need new pads and if you wait too long, you will need rotors as well. Change them before it costs you more.

What causes a 02 camaro z28 to squeak when driving straight at speeds of 5-30 mph?

brakes or belts check those first. a bad belt can fool ya

Why do your brakes squeak on a 2002 dodge ram 1500?

Because You Need New Brakes!

Why do rear brakes squeak?

Could be a couple of different possibilities. If u have disc brakes it could be wear tabs letting you know brake pads need to be replaced or there is a light glazing or brake dust on shoe or pad

What would cause a squeaking noise at low speeds from front tire in Saturn IonNot brakes or rotors apparently?

If you have hubcaps take then off and drive it. If the noise is gone the squeak is coming from the metal ring on inside of the hubcap. A few of the platic rivets are most likely loose. You can buy some foam tape to insulate the ring and the noise will be gone

Should new rear brakes still squeak?


Why do my brakes squeak everytime and i have new pads and rotors?

Occasionally, new brakes will squeak or squeal for a short time as the pads get "bedded in." But in general, brake pads that are properly installed should not squeak, especially with new rotors installed at the same time. Usually, one of the following components is used to PREVENT squeaky brakes: --brake pads with built-in shims to prevent vibration that causes squeaking. --brake pads with external shims (usually thin sheets of metal) between the pad and the rotor. --lubricant OR adhesive between the brake pads and the caliper to prevent vibration. Auto manufacturers specify what anti-squeak measure(s) should be used for brakes of specific vehicles. If whoever installed your brakes didn't follow the correct recommendation, that could be why they squeak. It's also possible, but less likely, that the wrong pads were used. You should take it back to the shop that did the work and ask them to do it correctly.

What does it mean if your car brakes squeak?

It can mean many things. most are ment to squeak when the lining materal is getting thin (needs to be replaced) thay do this with a piece of metal that rubs on the disk to make noise ( can cause damage if it not replace in a timely maner).

Why do your breaks squeak even though you just had new rotors calipers and pads put on your 1998 olds cutlass?

Disk brakes can be noisy. Sometimes you need to use a special compound that stops brake noise.

When you apply brakes they make an squeeking sound what is causing this?

Typically disc brakes are known for being squeaky as opposed to drum brakes (although drum brakes can squeak, it's unusual) so I'll limit my answer to disc brakes. Disc brakes generally squeak for one of two reasons: Either they are resonating against the backplate of the caliper (a high-pitched vibration) or the brakes are so worn that the wear sensor is rubbing up against the disc and is making the noise. In the first case, when new brake pads are installed, there are a few ways that pad manufacturers deal with the potential for squeaky brakes: one is by using a gel that semi-hardens and is applied between the back of the brake pad and the caliper which acts as a dampener. Another way (and I'm sure there are more...) is to use a special metal or fiber intermediate shim between the brake pad and the caliper which also acts as a dampening device. If you brakes are squealing and driving you nuts and you just had them replaced - take them back to whomever replaced the pads and have them fix it - they probably left out the important device that prevents the squeak/squeal. If you are experiencing squeak without having recently replaced your brake pads: This is the other reason why your brake pads might squeak: nearly all disc brake pads have wear sensors. A wear sensor is a little tab of metal designed to squeal when the brakes are applied IF THEY ARE WORN OUT. If you brakes are squealing or squeaking, have them inspected.

Why do brakes squeak?

Brakes sometimes squeak because of dust build up. In disc pads there is also a thin metal plate designed to squeal when you need new pads. You should check your pads. Brakes can aslo squeak when wet after a rain, (can get flash rust), but it should go away after a few stop.