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Because it never fixed it to begin with. Just because the light stayed out for a couple of days does not mean that it ever fixed. The computer has to see the problem occur through several drive cycles consequtively before it sets a code and turns on the light. This can take several days. My guess is that you have something else wrong with the EGR system that is causing the computer to see little or no activity at the DPFE sensor whenever it commands the EGR on. And it is probably NOT the EGR valve. Ford EGR valves seldom fail. There is one other possibility that you installed the DPFE backward. I would pull it off, and make sure the small diameter neck on the sensor is one the small diamter hose and the big diameter neck is on the big diameter hose. Otherwise, you probably have something causing little or no flow in the EGR system such as an EGR control malfunction, or a stopped up EGR passage in the intake manifold area.

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Q: Why would brand new dpfe sensors in 2001 Duratec Taurus temporarily fix obd2 p0401 and p1401 and then notoriously fail after few days throwing same error codes again?
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