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Why would car wobble but not steering wheel?

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More than likely your tires need balanced. or you have a cord busted in a tire. Bent rim could cause it, or sometimes even just some mud caked to the back of a rim could throw it out of balance

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Worn-out ball joints in the steering linkage or suspension. This allows the steering angle between the wheels to vary, causing them to wobble.

Worn steering parts. I would strongly suggest you take this car to a mechanic, have it put on a rack, and the steering components inspected.

Could be a small thing like wheels out of balance 40+ "Noisy Inside Car" bad wheel bearings 30+ mph also decelerating harder to control "Steering wheel wobble "on accelerating / decelerating" "Noisy Inside Car" steering linkage: causes the steering wheel to wobble at 40+ mph decelerating harder to control "Steering wheel wobble "on accelerating / decelerating" My brothers car had the above problems I changed his rear spindle, outer, tie rods, "both were shot" bad bearing "blown bearing"

Sounds like your car might need either an alignment or the wheels have to be balanced.

The steering joints and connections are worn and need replacing Actually, the most likely problem is the tires. They may just need balancing. Sometimes the belts in the tires separate which causes a wobble. high/low spots in tires also causes a wobble. A bent rim can cause a wobble. Excessive negative caster will cause a wobble (alignment issue). Steering joints (inner and outer tie rods will not cause a wobble)

A bent, loose or unbalanced wheel. And, if there is no shaking in the steering wheel, then it is most likely from one, or both, of the rear wheels. Irregularity or bulge in a tyre also causes car shaking. I've has this problem once, and it was because the engine mounts needed to be replaced.

Because your steering wheel is being turned, which puts your tires in another position rather than straight. You might need an alignment, or a wheel balancing.

AnswerCheck the tread on your tyres and if they are worn on only one side your car needs a wheel alignment. I had the same problem with a shaky wheel and after getting new tyres (i needed them) and a wheel alignment the car wheel never shuddered again. I was told I must hit the curb a lot

Steering wheel was installed upside down or the steering wheel is turned 180 degrees.

Right side of the road, left side of the car for the steering wheel.

broken belt in a tire. if you feel it in the steering wheel it usually a front tire or a rear if you can feel it in the seat

== == As the car speeds up the unbalanced wheels start to wobble. The force of the wobble is transferred to the cars body through the steering mechanism. You would feel the shaking first in the steering wheel. It becomes more pronounced as you pick up speed. == == * Front end need's religning, bad tires or tie-rods. * Tires are low in air.

A person removes the steering wheel with a steering wheel puller, after removing the airbag to the car. Then they put the new steering wheel on the car, after aligning it correctly.

Yes! So can badly worn tires as well as badly worn or damaged front suspension parts.

The steering wheel will malfunction I would guess...

Check the fluid in the power steering. If it is low the car will make noise when you turn the wheel.

A wheel alignment is what syncs your steering wheel with your wheels. It ensures your car will drive straight when your steering wheel isn't turned.

The front wheels of a car can wobble because the car's suspension is not in proper alignment. The wheels may also wobble if the rim is bent or if the tire is improperly installed

A steering wheel is the wheel that is in front of the driver of a car. It is held in the hands and is used to turn the wheels to control the direction of the car is going.

well for me i would say uuuuuuum.right because if the car is on the left and its a left steerig wheel i would say right!!!

The steering wheel is used to aim the car in the direction that you want to go. Simply put, it is used to steer the car.

Spain drives on the right. The steering wheel is on the left.

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