Why would cold water run up through a shower pan even though there is no drain blockage?

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Do you have an upstairs tenant or the sewer is backing up.
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Why would a 95 Dodge Neon miss and backfire spit back through the carburetor when the engine is cold but runs ok after warmed up?

%DETAILS%. Answer . No '95 Neon should have a carburetor, if yours does then there's the problem.Seriously though its a throttle body injector and is controlled by your on-board computer.So many things can cause an OBD-II type system to go awry that it's a waste of time to try to guess what the ( Full Answer )

Why would your kitchen drain gurgle loudly when your washer drains even though they are in different rooms?

%REPLIES%. Answer . your drains are probably on the same waste line. by upc code your waste line should tie into your main sewer line 6 feet from any horizontal to vertical change in direction. this is due to the fact that the sudds from your washer can actually go up your drain line.. Answer ( Full Answer )

Why would water gurgle back up out of the washer drain?

Answer . \nI am assuming that the question means the water backs up when the washer is used. When the washer drains, it forces a significant amount of water into your pipes in a fairly short period of time. If your pipes are even partially blocked, this large quantity of water can overload the sy ( Full Answer )

Why would the shower water only get really hot when the cold water is turned on in the tub?

%REPLIES%. Answer . Because someone has connected the hot water line to the cold service. They are reversed.. Answer . I'm not a plumber, so I don't know if the first answer is correct or not. However, our landlord replaced our shower fixture with one that could be adjusted so that it preve ( Full Answer )

Why would the coolant not circlulate even after you have replaced the water pump and the thermostat twice bled the system and checked for blockage?

Answer . \nThermostat possibly installed upside down. Also a possible clogged radiator.. Answer . \nwe have had the same problems. replaced water pump thermo 3 times flushed sys twice repaired radiator,replaced hoses even left thermo out and still overheating help me too PLEASE!!!!!. Answer ( Full Answer )

What would cause your pipes to tick when water drains even when water is not turned on?

Answer . \nyou have air in the system you need to bleed the air out at the radiators at the end of each rad is a hex bolt you need a rad key available from any plumbers. Answer . Maybe I should clarify...there is no radiator. There is a pipe that ticks when water drains down my bathroom sink, ( Full Answer )

Should there be water in the drain in the shower?

Answer . You probably shouldent "see" water in the drain, but there is a "P" trap under the drain.The "P" trap holds water @ all times,this keeps exhaust fumes from coming into the living space.if water is not draining properly you may have some restictions ie:hair,soap,or some other debris.. A ( Full Answer )

Sounds crazy but it is true. My bathroom sink fills up when you run hot water and drains slowly but drains fast when you run cold water. Does anyone know why Thanks?

Answer . FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. 7/3/09 -- Above "answer" not helpful.. I also am experiencing same symptoms, but with newly installed sink-bowl. Trap, etc. all CLEAR. I am similarly befuddled as to why COLD drains fast, but HOT drains slowly. The only plumbing change was addition of a hor ( Full Answer )

No cold water in the shower?

If it is a newer shower valve, it is probably a 'pressure balanced' valve, meaning it is designed to prevent scalds and severe temperature changes. Sometimes the balancing mechanism can stick (Moen valves usually stick and give no hot water), and can be disassembled and un-stuck. Sometimes there are ( Full Answer )

Honda Accord 2001 wisheield washer spray nozzle still clogged after running needle through it even though have good water pressure?

Take them off the hood, then try inundating the nozzle in a mixture of CLR, or lime-away, and water. Let it rest for about five minutes or so. After that, run some pressured water through the nozzle with a garden hose. Then try reversing the direction of the current by shooting water through the oth ( Full Answer )

Why would you suddenly get only cold water in your bathroom sink but get hot and cold in the shower?

\nDepending on whether this is a tap or a mixer. Will depend on the answer. If it is a tap, the washer could be stuck, preventing the water from coming out or it may be jammed with some form of debris. If its a mixer, the o rings inside could have slipped out of place preventing the mixing of the wa ( Full Answer )

Why would you want to break up with someone even though you like them?

You would want to break up with someone you are not compatible with. Too many differences in core values don't make for a good relationship. Some examples are religious differences, cultural differences or a significant age difference can all be reasons for a relationship not to work, as well as upb ( Full Answer )

Water is coming up through your pool drain?

If you mean what looks like a drain at the bottom of the pool and the pool is empty you are probably seeing the hydrostatic valve at work. it is there to allow ground water into the pool in order to stop it from floating in ground water that builds up under the pool when it is not full of water.

What would cause kitchen sink drain to gurgling when shower is running?

your vent on your shower or kitchen (if you have one) is not working and either the air from the water in the shower drain is carried down stream till it T's off to your kitchen sink then the air follows to your kitchen sink drain line backwards and to your kitchen sink trap and then bubbles through ( Full Answer )

What does it mean if your toliet is clogged and water is coming up through the tub and shower drain?

It means that your main drain line is clogged downstream from where your drain from your tub ties into your toilet drain and the problem can be a hundred of different reasons. The first thing I would check is your clean out (if you have/find one) outside of your home usually within 2 to 5 feet from ( Full Answer )

Does your shower reuse water from the drain?

No. Once down the drain, it is gone. The water from the shower head is continuously new and fresh. One idiot company does recirculate the shower water back through the shower heads BUT most civilized codes will not allow the use of gray water to be used other then lawn watering etc

Why the Earth does not run out of water even though the Earth has a limited supply of water?

I think it's not right to say earth has a limited supply of water but earth has a limited supply of fresh water. But STILL THE BALANCE IS MAINTAINED BY WATER CYCLE. Answer: Water on the Earth cycles through various conditions (ice, water, rain, vapour, parts of cells, chemically bound up, etc.) ( Full Answer )

Why fingers dipped in water feel cold even though your breath is at room temperature?

Your breath should be warmer than room temperature unless you are a zombie! I am guessing you are asking why does blowing on your wet finger feel colder even though your breath is warm? Moving air allows the water on a wet finger to evaporate faster. Evaporation of a liquid to a gas requires energy ( Full Answer )

Why won't your shower pan drain?

I'd bet the drain is full of hair. -Pick it clean with long nose pliers or big tweezers, then fit a net drain cover.

Why would you feel sleepy when you wake up to study even though you get enough sleep?

There could be any number of reasons you still feel sleepy -including physical and psychological reasons. . Your diet could be deficient and not providing the nutritionand energy you need. . Even though you think you are getting enough sleep, you mightnot be getting the rest you need. Your sleep ( Full Answer )