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Why would coolant be brown and greasy?

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βˆ™ 2006-01-02 03:42:16

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Possibly has oil leaking into the water jacket look at the head gasket it probably is no good.

2006-01-02 03:42:16
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Q: Why would coolant be brown and greasy?
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Why would coolant in a 1999 jeep wrangler have a dark brown color?

The coolant is old, broke down, and needs replaced.

Why would the engine overheat on a 2003 pt cruiser the coolant is brown?

If the coolant is brown, it has broken down and needs replaced. You could also have a failed thermostat, plugged radiator, inoperative fans,...........

when antifreeze is brown should you flush the coolant?

If you waited until the coolant is brown you waited too long. Have the system professionally flushed at that point.

What would motor oil look like in coolant - that is would it appear to the eye as just oil floating on surface?

It might, or it might turn the coolant white or milky or it can end up being dark brown globs.

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Your 1998 GMC Sierra is surging especially when the AC is on but surges when ac is off you had the timing checked and adjusted but it is still happening fuel pump may be whining coolant fluid brown?

i would start with fixing coolant problem brown coolant indicates there is oil in your coolant which indicyrs either a blown head gasket or a cracked head you fix that problem and more than likely, the surging problem will go away

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What would happen if you poured windshield washer in the coolant overflow?

I don't know the reaction it would have on the coolant but I would advise you to flush out your system immediately and put in fresh coolant.

What color coolant is in a 2006 Jeep?

Most new coolant is tinted red or green. If you have a different color than that look into it a little further. You may have oil in you coolant causing it to be a brown color.

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Where does the coolant come out of the engine?

The normal direction of circulation in the coolant system would push the coolant out the thermostat opening.

What happens when you overfill the coolant in your car?

If you were to overfill the coolant in your car, then it would start to overflow and come out of the car. The most damage that this would probably do would be getting the coolant on the ground and wasting it.?æ

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How do you get rid of the brown water in your radiator?

If your coolant is brown, this means it has LOTS of rust in it. If this is the case, then you need to flush your cooling system and refill it with fresh coolant. Be sure to drain your engine block as well as your radiator, as MANY people neglect to do this. Without draining your engine block, you are basically just changing half your coolant.

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What causes engine coolant to turn brown?

it turns brown when it is burnt, hasn't been changed often enough, you can replace it and you should be find

What does coolant smell like?

Coolant has a smell that is very difficult to describe; it smells sweet, yet a little like rubber; It has a green color almost like Gatorade. Old coolant can be brown and smell quite rancid.