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The footprints will stay on the moon because there is no weather or atmosphere on the moon! That means that if there is no weather there will be no wind to carry it away or sand to top over the footprints!

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has volcanoes dum dum
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It's not nice to call people dum dum when they are just asking a question!

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Q: Why would footprints on the moon last for hundreds of years?
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Why do footprints last for hundreds of years?

cause they just do

Why would footprints on the moon last there for hundreds of years?

Because there's no gravity or wind.

Why would footprints made on the moon will last for hundreds of years?

because there is no erosion on the moon because it does not rain

Why would footprints made on the moon last for hundreds of year?

No atmosphere So no rain or wind to remove them A moonquake might lessen them

How long will footprints last on the moon and why?

In 7,000 years

How long will the footprints on the moon last?

Well it probably depends on the space boots are heavy, but about millions of years.

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How long does a footprint last on the moon?

Until something disturbs it, like a future meteor impact, or a future moon landing. The footprints left by the astronauts may last millions of years.

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Why do foot prints last for hundreds of years?

You might mean on the moon. There is no wind or rain to erode the footprint on the moon, that's why it can last up to billions of years.

Why will the footprints on the moon only last ten million years?

I expect that the figure you provide is wild speculation on someone's part, but footprints would most likely be destroyed either by an asteroid or comet striking the moon or a moonquake.

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If a astronaut landed on the moon how long would the footprints stay there and why?

There were recent amazing pictures released to the press of the surface of the moon which showed many of the objects left on the moon including footprints! So you know the footprints last over 40 years because it has been that long since Neil Armstrong made history with the first footprints on the moon. There is no atmosphere on the moon therefore no rain, wind or water flow so the only thing that will destroy the footprints is space debri of either man made materials or rocks such as a meteor storm. Scientist from different nationsintentionally crash objects into the moon for various studies.

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