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Check and ensure that you are not trying to put diesel in the vehicle, diesel nozzles are larger diameter to prevent accidentally putting diesel in a vehicle that requires gasoline. If the incorrect nozzle is not the problem, lay on your back under the vehicle by so that you can see the area where the filler tube is and look for kinks, cracks or a broken filler hose between the tank and the where you put the gas in the car.

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Q: Why would fuel not go into the fuel tank?
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Can a in tank fuel pump be converted to an out of tank electric fuel pump?

Not very easily as the fuel will have to go through the in tank pump. It would be very difficult if not impossible.

Where does the fuel go in a rocket?

In the fuel tank

How many fuel tanks does it take to go 25 million miles?

That would depend on the fuel efficiency and size of the fuel tank of the vehicle.

How do you change Fuel pump for Nissan Quest Xe97?

remove fuel tank and remove fuel pump where the fuel line go into the tank cover and pump is in side of tank

Where is the fuel pump located on a 1995 astro van?

In fuel tank In fuel tank In fuel tank In fuel tank In fuel tank In fuel tank


The fuel sending unit is located in the fuel tank itself. To get to it, you would have to drop your fuel tank, and you would remove it from the top of the fuel tank.

How do you clean out a gas tank?

To do an effective job cleaning a fuel tank, removing the tank from the vehicle and then removing the sending unit from the tank to gain access to the inside of the tank would be the way to go.

Where is the fuel pump in a 92 GO storm GSI?

In fuel tank

Where is the fuel pump go on a ford ltd 87?

in the fuel tank

How far can a go kart travel on a full tank of gas?

That would depend on the size of the fuel tank. As a go-kart is not street legal the question is a mute issue.

Where is the fuel on a mercury 1995 villager?

The fuel would hopefully be in the fuel tank.

Would water in your fuel tank mess up your tank?

yes, i think it would

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