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It was the problem related with the hardware of moniter.I think there might possible that one of the Capacitor is out of work So that's why it is not storing the charge within in it.

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Q: Why would my computer screen go dark and a few seconds later the computer itself turn off - it could not be restarted since then?
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What is boot frozen?

A boot that is frozen in computer language means that a computer started to boot but the screen froze during the boot process. If this happens it might fix the problem if the computer is unplugged for a few seconds and then restarted in Safe Mode.

What does it mean when your computer turns on by itself and has a gray screen?


What does it mean when your computer screen goes black for about 2 seconds every minute or so?

your computer has crashed

How do you close all running file on computer screen?

All running files on a computer can be closed a few different ways. One is to pull them up and close them one by one, or the computer can be shutdown and restarted, or just restarted.Ê

Can a computer screen be affected by a virus?

No, a computer screen cannot be affected by a virus. Viruses can display information on a computer screen or mess with your display settings, but they cannot attack the screen itself. Computer screens don't usually have hard drives or CPUs in them, so they cannot be infected with viruses.

Why does your screen turn white and shut down and then comes back on?

the computer went white and came back on because it was restarted. This can happpen because of the system settings.

How do you fix your computer screen when there is about 1 inch or less of black space on the ends where the screen should be stretched out more?

On your computer screen itself, there should be a menu button. Click on that, and go to positioning, where you can move your screen horizontal or vertical. Try that. and if not, find a way to zoom your computer screen .

Do you have a virus if your computer screen turns blue and restarts itself?

Its the blue screen of death you need a new hard drive :(

HOW can a computer turn off by itself?

A computer can not turn off by itself. The monitor just turns blank it you leave it. To turn off the computer you have to prees the on button on your computer. If you press the botton on the monitor it is not turning the computer off... just the screen.

How do you fix a twitter page if the screen freezing after 3 seconds?

That's a problem with your computer, not twitter.

Why does my computer screen scroll up and down by itself?

are you leaning on the spacebar and/or shift from the keyboard?

Why have I got a white screen on my computer?

if it is white press the home button and the on and off button for about 10 seconds.

When i switch on my desktop computer the screen stays black yet the computer itself sounds normal?

Check that the cable for your monitor is correctly inserted into the computer and into the monitor, and is turned on.

Computer won't boot the screen stays on the xp window What is wrong?

you computer froze, unplug the computer from the wall, wait 15-20 seconds, plug it back in and try again.

How do you connect tablet to computer?

By this I specifically mean not only how to connect it to the computer itself obviously, but also if there is a way to record what happens on my tablet screen like making Let's Play videos. If not record on the tablet itself, what about having what's on the tablet screen show on the computer screen. can use BandiCam or similar that way. Want to record my voice as well. I have seen some video makers do similar and I would like to try the same myself.

Why does the comp screen go black after 2 seconds?

perhaps you have the screen saver on with this set to turn the screen off after 2 seconds of inactivity.

How do you open Minecraft on a school computer My school decided to block Minecraft when you open Minecraft it will go to the home screen then in about 1-2 seconds the screen will close?

That happened when i tried to do it on my computer at school when the school has blocked it you can not get on but you can ask you librarian or a teacher why they blocked it and why they did.

What is the purpose of a computer screen?

A computer screen is a visual interface, which allows the computer user to see what the computer is doing.

What steps will you follow to identify the symptoms of the blue screen of death?

Well, first of all the Blue Screen of Death is not a disease for your computer. It itself is actually a symptom of a disease on your computer. Just like the human body can raise its temperature to fight a cold, the Blue Screen of Death activates to protect your computer from any harm to its more vital information. The Blue Screen of Death really doesn't cause death (It's official name is "Stop Screen"). It is a tool to protect your computer from harm and to provide an explanation for the disease or error that the computer encountered.

What is a Computer screen font?

a computer screen font is how you type when your typing.

Why does a computer screen looks like a TV?

Because the computer screen works like a tv screen

How to get my computer screen size bigger?

What you can do is get a larger screen and then hook up your computer to the screen. You can even do it with a TV screen.

Video does not turn on while computer is on?

Is your computer screen plugged in? Make sure your computer screen is properly connected to your computer.

Can a computer think for itself?

No, Computers operate on an "Input-Output" function. You input a command, the computer processes it, and then displays the result on the screen. Although the computer can do a lot of things, it can't do anything if we don't tell it to.

How do you get on the computer?

OK so you see a screen and there is a keyboard in front of it that is a COMPUTER! You turn on the screen and you got on a computer!