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Possibly a bad vehicle speed sensor (VSS). This sensor is usually located in the side of the transmission.

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Q: Why would my digital speedometer all the sudden quit working on a 1991 GMC jimmy all others gages work just not speedometer?
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Why would your digital speedometer all the sudden quit working with all gages for your 1998 dodge grand caravan 3.8 and the door lock stop working when their is no gages?

Electrical failure. Perhaps power is not getting from the battery to those components.

Why would the odometer and speedometer in a 1992 Toyota 4Runner stop working all of a sudden?

Most likely because your speedometer cable is broken. If I find the guide for removing the instrument cluster, I'll post it here.

Why would a 2000 Chrysler Sebring Convertable all of a sudden speedometer stop working and transmission will not shift out of low?

VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor) failure.

The speedometer odometer and gas gauges on my 1995 Volvo 940 all are not working all of a sudden what is causing this?

I could be a bad float in the gas tank. you have a fused link in the circuit board.may have blown.

Why would your digital gauges all the sudden quit working on a 1989 smc s-15?

Check your fuses. If it is not a fuse, they are notorious for the dash burning out and needing to be replaced.

Chrysler 1998 town and country speedometer and tachometer stopped working all of a sudden. Electronic odometer still works. Any thoughts?

- I have a 2002 Caravan with the similar symptoms - speedometer stopped working but tripometer and odometer still work. The speedometer needle is wrapped all the way around past the top speed and resting on the bottom of the needle resting peg. I saw a posting about reseting the dashboard by removing the IOD fuse and replacing it but that did not help. I also tried pressing the trip button in and turning the ignition on as described in another post with no luck. Has anyone solved this or do I have a faulty speedometer requiring replacement? thanks Steve

Your speedometer quit working and now your car will not go from first gear and when you make sudden stops it will cut off What do you think this is from?

Speedometer quit working, car wont shiftI drove a 1993 Ford Taurus. It had transmission controlled shifting. In my situation, there was a very small $5.00 piece(plastic, of course) inside the tranny that controlled the shifting which needed to be replaced. I actually had it replaced at the dealer and cost me around $160.00. Sorry I couldn't help more but hope this gives you a direction, William

92 Geo Metro fuel pump when it quits working is it sudden or slowly?

When the fuel pump goes out on 92 geo metro is it sudden or slow

What causes the speedometer on a 1998 Ford Wind-star to stop working when the transmission warms up?

We have a 98 and it seemed that sometimes it wouldn't shift right, and the speedometer would all of a sudden stop.I would drop it down to second gear and it would stop, and straighten out. Quiestion to you: Do you have a check engine light on? If so, take it to your nearest Auto Zone, have them do test on it. 9 times out of ten it will proboly say it's the speed sensor. Try that.

Why should a car just all of a sudden stop working when you are driving?

had that problem with my 96 and turned out to be the fuel pump

Why are the low beams not working on your 2008 equinox?

Why all of a sudden the low beams dont work but everything else does.

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All of a sudden the power windows in your 2005 Chevy Impala stopped working everything else in the car is working fine except for that what is the problem?

Fuses or the power window relays.

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What causes the speedometer to stop working on a 1984 jaguar xjs?

The sending unit is what usually breaks, It has a stem that sticks into the side of the transmission housing. It has a relativly fragile stem that gets snapped rather easy. They dont like speed bumps or poorly aligned tracks at a car wash. twice my speedo died because this little shaft seems to break easy with a sudden impact.

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