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The crank sensor would definitely cause no spark. As for the no power to the injector it might actually be the ignition controll module(as odd as it may seem). I was just talking to a mechanic freind due to a simalar problem on an `88 Grand AM (no spark and no signal voltage at the injector)and he said that If the ignition module goes that it shuts down fuel delivery too. you out.

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Q: Why would no spark or power go to the injector?
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If the diagnostic on a 2001 Olds Alero shows a misfire on 3 what does this mean?

I would check your spark plug first, then I would go to the injector. This happend to me and it was the injector.

1989 Chevy truck has no spark what are all the spark componenets?

Start with the battery. Without its power there is no spark. From there you go to the coil. Then go to the distributor and finally to the plugs. Check your plug wires also.

Why does my Kawasaki bayou 250 not have full power?

either not enough gas or spark or... i had the clutch sticking once. it would go but not really bad clutch

Why is my 96 camaro misfiring on number three?

could be bad spark plug bad plug wire bad cap bad rotor bad injector just check the plug try switching the wire from three with another if it then misses on same cylinder then pull cap and rotor and check for any burnt spots other than where spark should be sparkin if there are repace cap and rotor if none then its the injector try switching injectors to make double shure its the injector before you go buy a costly part if not the injector take it in

What would cause a miss fire on the number 2 cylinder?

The cause is almost always an ignition system issue, cyl #2 is most likely getting no spark!When these ignition components go bad, they can cause misfires:Spark plugs, spark plug wires, and distributor; cap, rotor, coil(s), ignitor etc.It is also possible that the fuel injector for cyl #2 is not spraying!

Who struggled for power in the middle ages?

Go someplace elce like spark notes

Where do you get TT Injector for computer?

Go to get a

Spark to points but will not go to plugs?

you would have to ck to see if the coil wire has spark pull off cap and put near part of engine and see if has plenty of spark

How do you change spark plugs on a 1999 Lexus GS 300?

how would you go about changing the spark plugs in a 1999 Lexus ES 300?

When driving there is serious chugging and loss of power what could be the cause?

if the car is chugging (petrol) it means the combustion is not happening, it would either be problem from the source of electric power to the spark plugs, or the spark plugs itself might be faulty, to diagnose them check if the battery is having good charge at least 11 volts, then check the condenser, point condensers, then spark pulg change whatever is necessary after diagnosing and you are ready to go

If the filter pump spark plugs and lines are in good shape what would cause a 97 neon to not start?

you need three things for engine to start and run: fuel spark and compression. so check that you have fuel to injector fuel rail ,spark to each plug then go from there....-----Actually you need 5 things to make an engine run. spark, fuel, compression, air and timing.If you have spark and PROPER fuel pressure then check that the timing belt hasn't broken. Again, if the fuel pump is only putting out minimal pressure it wont start. You need to know how much pressure is actually present.If it was my job to repair this car i would start by taking out a spark plug and putting it in a spark plug wire and physically watching the spark. If the spark was blue and sharp then i would check the fuel pressure. Also i would use my scanner and check for any diagnostic trouble codes and decide if that could be an issue. You might have a bad or weak coil. Please check that also. Make certain that the timing belt hasn't broken, if it has then you have a problem as these Neon engines smash valves into pistons when the timing belts let go.

What would cause a spark plug on a 4 wheeler to continue to go bad?

the rings could be bad on your piston which causes oil to go into the head and mix with your fuel and burn up your spark plug

When do you replace the spark plugs on a 2006 gmc sierra 1500?

If they are a standard type spark plug I would pull them at 50K. If they are the platinum type they will go for 100K.

How do you clean a Honda accord clogged fuel injector?

Go Down to your local part store and by the best fuel injector cleaner for your car.

What type of spark plug would you buy to go on a 50cc mio scooter?

Ngk c6hsa

How do you troubleshoot no spark on 2006 yz250f with cdi ignition?

Go down the line, power from plug wire teminal, harness, magnetic pickup, and continuity (spec) from stator. Find your short, get your spark back.

Your spark plugs keep burning out and the engine is losing power what is the cause?

There is not a lot of information to go on from the question as posted. When an engine is in proper operating condition, the spark plugs should not be "wearing out", on a regular basis. From the information at hand, I would suspect the wrong heat range plug is being used. Check to see what spark plug the engine manufacturer recommends for your engine.

Why do i smell Gas jeep 1994?

It's very likely you have a leaking fuel injector, these seem to go bad a lot on older Jeeps. Sometimes it's just the o-ring in the injector, othertimes the whole injector.

2004 Ford Ranger misfire?

Always check the easiest and cheapest first. Check spark plugs, they usually burn out or get cracks in the porcelain, then go to wires usually the case). If those have not fixed the miss then you probably have a bad or clogged injector.

How do you install spark plug wire?

you would follow the spark plaug wires from the disributor to the spark plug and replace it. Spark plug wires are different sizes in length depending on where they go. Also make sure they are in the right order or your engine might run rough.

Your Nissan 300 zx miss fiers what could be the problem?

could be alot of things coil packs could be back,spark plug filed ,injector,missing just go step by step and check every thing including grounds

What could go wrong if you change the voltage on a PC power supply?

the computer will not switch on. May be the SMPS fail leading to a huge spark.

Why would a 91 integra have power in the on position but no power when you go to start it?

no power in the injectors 95 integra

What would cause fuel to be in the oil in a 95 firebird?

A bad injector or an o2 sensor that is bad causing too much fuel to go to the combustion chamber.

Why is injector not pulsing on a 91 Geo Tracker has fuel pressure and will run on ether?

I had to replace the injector itself the other day as it was not allowing the fuel to go into the TBI unit. I used the injector test light on the harness and it show the computer as being good.