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Questions are rarely deleted. Generally, questions are only deleted for these reasons: * They are considered spam or vandalism. * They are completely unanswerable or unintelligible. However, questions might seem to "disappear" for other reasons, including: * If a question was asked before, with a slightly different wording, it may be merged into the other question. * Many questions are edited. The mission of WikiAnswers is to grow simple, universal "FAQ-style" questions and answers. Questions are often changed to improve spelling or grammar, or to make them more concise. For example, this question was asked as "If it is possible to delete a question posted by another person why would someone do that Kinda rude don't ya think They usually do it anonymously coward maybe?" It was simplified. * Many questions are moved. We want questions to be in the most appropriate Topic areas. For example, this question was originally placed in the Miscellaneous Topic but it was moved to the WikiAnswers Topic.

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Q: Why would questions be deleted?
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Why does askcom show questions that have been deleted?

I am not sure why questions can not be deleted. This is on the website Ask.

Why are questions about Islam deleted?

Questions about Islam are not deleted on WikiAnswers unless they are deemed inappropriate. If you believe you asked a question that should not of been deleted it is advised you email: to appeal the deletion.

How can you see deleted questions in

If by deleted you mean trashed, users do not have access to view trashed questions. Only Supervisors and higher can view them.

Are unanswered questions deleted after some time?

No they are not.

Why is the punctuation and caps in all my questions always deleted?

The punctuation and caps in all your questions may be deleted because the system you are using is designed to accept only lowercase letters.

How do you delete questions you have asked wiki answers?

Questions on wiki answers can not be deleted after they have been posted.

Why are Yahoo Answers questions being deleted?

They break the rules.

What happens to the questions that are moved to the category of harmful questions to delete?

The questions are either deleted, moved to a catch-all category, or edited and reentered into the community.

How do you delete other people questions?

Questions on WikiAnswers can not be deleted by regular contributors. Supervisors can trash questions into a catchall category, but only advanced supervisors can permanently delete questions off the site.

Do some questions get deleted when it's under uncategorize?

No, The questions under uncategorized are where questions go if someone does not know what categorize to put them in and eventually they will go into the proper categories.

Can you take questions off wiki answers?

Yes questions can be taken off WikiAnswers. The only reason they would be taken off Answers is if they were nonsense, did not have enough info to answer, were illegal, or inappropriate. You can always flag a question for review if you believe it should be deleted.

Why is my activity feed empty though I posted two questions. Where are my questions on my profile. How I know if they are deleted?

They will not appear on the activity feed unless they have answers from a nonexpert. I believe that the fact that expert answers are not listed on the activity feed is an oversight. Do not worry, they have not been deleted.

What are copied test questions to be deleted?

This question has been set up as a merge point for test questions that have been copied and pasted to WikiAnswers.

How can you remove posted questions from your contributions?

At the moment there is no way for contributors to remove their own questions. If you want your question deleted, please contact a Supervisor.

Why are questions deleted on WikiAnswers?

Questions asked on WikiAnswers may be merged with other questions asking the same question, or they may be deleted if they violate the guidelines. Answers are not guaranteed and questions may remain unanswered. If they are merged into a catch-all (no value, inappropriate material, etc.), you may ask that they be reinstated by writing to WikiAnswers @ spaces).

How do you know when a question is harmful and should be deleted?

Guidelines for Harmful Questions to Delete are in the link below.

What was question 10000000 in WikiAnswers?

Questions are constantly getting merged, deleted etc. It would be very difficult to determine this. Maybe try to email WikiAnswers @ and ask them to answer this question.

What would you do for fried chicken?

-deleted -

How do you get your fantage account when its been deleted by the admin?

I dont think there is a way... my friend had alot of rares and her account was deleted, they probably have a list or something of deleted accounts, if i where you, i would e mail fantage. go to the fantage website then click on help at the top. a screen with a bunch of questions and answers should appear. if you look at the blue bar right above the questions, it will say "FAQ's" in gold with an arrow ontop. right next to that click "contact us" in the first yellow box, it will show bullets. in this case click "general questions" then fill out the form and they will answer your question.

How come the Little Boots category on WikiAnswers has been deleted?

It didn't have very many questions, and it wasn't growing, so we removed it. If we start getting a lot of questions about this, and it is something that the community is participating in, then we would be happy to consider making it again in the future.

Can anyone go to this site and talk about sex?

No. Valid questions will be answered, but nasty questions and those about illegal sex practices will be deleted and the asker banned from the site.

Why can't I find any unanswered questions?

You can't delete any of your questions or answers if you haven't registered. When my question has upvotes and unanswered for long time, it get deleted.

Da vinci horse?

Please ask your question in a COMPLETE sentence. Three-word "questions" are deleted.

What is the deletion log on WikiAnswers?

The deletion log is a log of all questions that Advanced Supervisors have deleted from WikiAnswers.

How long can questions that are asked be?

Questions that are asked never get deleted, unless it is against the rules of WikiAnswers. The question is permanently logged into the WikiAnswers databased, and never goes away.