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uh, i believe it is called a short somewhere

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โˆ™ 2004-09-22 23:41:23
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Q: Why would s Grand Marquis consistently blow a fuse?
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Why does my 1995 meccury grand marquis Blow out cool air but i cant get hot air?

2004 grand marquis blowing cool air cant get hot air why?

What would cause lighter fuse to keep blowing on 92 Grand Marquis?

Check the horn - if it doesn't blow, then you may have found the culprit. In most cars, the lighter and horn are on the same circuit.

Why would the heater not blow hot air in a Grand Marquis?

replace heater core and or themostat Coolant level may be low not allowing hot coolant to circulate properly, check coolant level.

Why will the blower motor not blow on a 2000 grand marquis when ive already replaced the resister climate control head and the fan is good?

Fuse is blown.

How do you add ac refrigerant for 95 Grand Marquis?

Take the car to a service center which is equipped for this. You must be careful how much you put in or you will blow the system...........Then you pay.

Why does your 1996 grand marquis blow smoke out of the heater vent when using the defroster?

Most likely the bad news that you did not want to hear. The heater core is leaking coolant.

What causes cigarette lighter to blow fuse after fuse in 1998 mercury grand marquis?

You got a short somewhere. Might be in the wiring, might be in the element itself. Either that, or you're overloading it.

Why would a 2002 grand jeep Cherokee only blow out cold air?

Bad thermostat

1999 Mercury Grand Marquis heater puts out cold air?

Check to insure that the engine coolant is full and the thermostat is not stuck. Without the heated fluid from the engine the heater will always blow cold air.

Why would 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee blow white smoke?

possibly blown head gasket

What makes the horn blow consistently when the key is turned on?

Short in the wiring or a bad horn switch.

What causes fuse number 25 to consistently blow on a 1997 Ford F150 when the key is turned on?

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