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Why would the ABS and brake warning lights come on intermittently on a 1995 Trooper LS even after the brakes have been replaced?


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Check the brake fluid. If it is ok, take it to the dealer and have the abs codes read.

Additionally, there could be a couple reasons more. For my '95 Trooper, the ABS hydraulic brake cylinder was gradually going out. The ABS brake light would blink on and off going over bumps, then finally the ABS brake light stayed on all together. Two or three years later I had it checked out and the ABS hydraulic cylinder was defective and replaced. My mechanic also told me that the electrical line from the ABS sensor at the differential is known for breaking in a particular location and that also could cause the problem.


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When it is no longer able to keep the system charged. Starting with 2001 model, when the car is started, if you see either the battery warning or the battery along with the brakes warnings on, or intermittently flashing on, you need to have your alternator checked. Otherwise, its fine.

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well it does depend on the fact of if you replaced the brakes or not because after you replace your brakes you have to bleed them again or else they won't work properly if im correct

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You should take it back to the shop that replaced them and ask. It's possible that something is hung up somewhere that's causing the noise.

it means that one of your brake lights are out .thats why it only lights up when you hit the brakes. once you replace it , the light will go off.

TRy changing your brakes and closing your doors while driving.

It is easy to replace the brakes if you know what you are doing. Even on cars like BMW's and Nissan's, the brakes are easily replaced.

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You still have air in the back brake lines or they are not adjusted properly which is making the front brakes take the full load

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