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Is it the monitor, the video card or a setting? If you have access to another monitor, plug it in and see if it too is upside down. If that's it, the yolk is installed wrong on the monitor CRT.

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Q: Why would the Desktop display upside down on the monitor?
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Is it possible to connect an external monitor to a laptop and extend your desktop?

it will depend on the graphics card in your laptop. Most should allow an external monitor to be used as an extension to the desktop, instead of just cloning the display. You would have to adjust this in your display properties, if it is possible.

How do I move the display in Windows to the right the screen?

Answer:Do you have multiple displays set up?If not, then I would just use another monitor. If you do, then read on...1. Right Click on the desktop2. Then go to the Display Properties option and open the Settings tab3. Click on the second monitor labeled as 2 next to the first monitor.4. Check the box labeled 'Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor'

What part of the computer is responsible for the display of the monitor?

That would be the video card.

What is the difference between monitor and desktop?

The monitor is the computer screen and a desktop is the combination of the tower and the monitor. So you would tell you friends "i just bought a new desktop." Or, "i just bought a 22 inch monitor FOR my desktop."

What is the purpose of a computer monitor?

The monitor of a computer allows you to see the answer to this question: without any monitor you would not see any visual display of information or graphics.

What is the function key f5?

Function key F5 switches the display from the main monitor - to an external one. For example - you may need to display the screen from a lap-top on a much larger monitor. You would plug the monitor into one of the expansion ports on the laptop - then press Fn F5 to turn off the built-in display, and re-direct the output to the external monitor.

What type of monitor would a laptop have?

Laptops generally have LCD displays. They also usually have a connector on the rear of the laptop where you can attach an external monitor. Using an external monitor is a good way to diagnose a defective laptop display if you suspect t the LCD laptop display is bad.

What would most browsers do if a Web photo contains more colors than the user's monitor can display?

Convert colors to closest possible to display.

How would you change the screen resolution?

To change the screen resolution Windows 7 and older, right click on the desktop and select display to open the display properties. In here you will find the screen resolution settings. In Windows 8 and 8.1, right click on the traditional desktop and select screen resolution and follow the prompts.

When troubleshooting a monitor in Windows XP why would you enter safe mode?

When display settings are making the screen unreadable.

What is the most reasonable unit of measure for a desktop computer?

If you are talking about the monitor size, it would be diagonal inches. If you are talking about the hard drive, it would be gigabytes or terrabytes.

If a laptop Monitor breaks is there a way to replace it without buying a whole new laptop and if so how much money would it cost to replace or fix?

If the laptop is no longer under warranty, the cost of fixing the monitor would likely be more than the cost of the laptop. However, you can connect the laptop to any desktop monitor, you just need to buy a simple connector you can get at most any computer store, and you could also buy a used desktop monitor for very little.

How do you i take a screenshot larger than my monitor size?

That's a self-contradiction. A screenshot is a picture of your desktop area. In order for the screenshot to be larger than your monitor, the desktop would have to be larger than the monitor. The only way this is possible is to: A. If running a CRT monitor, jack up the resolution higher than your monitor's supported max. The image would still technically not be larger than your monitor screen, but it would increase the total size of your screenshot. This can easily damage older monitors, so do it at your own risk. B. Some LCD monitors support a "real estate scrolling" method by increasing the maximum resolution, similar to the above method. This displays only a portion of the desktop at a time. C. Use multiple monitors.

What are the advantages of a crt desktop monitor?

At this point, I would say that a CRT had no advantages over a LCD monitor. The LCD is probably cheaper, it takes up less space, is easier on the eyes, and provides better revolutions.

What does it mean no external display is attached on computer screen?

This would generally be observed on a laptop/notebook system when you are using the integrated screen and do not have an external monitor attached. If you try to switch from one display to the other, it will tell you it has no external display to switch to.

How would a round trip be display on a distance time graph?

It would either be a big upside-down ' V ', or else a big upside-down ' U '. The distance from the starting point would start at zero, then it would grown and grow and grow for a while, then stop growing, and then it would shrink and shrink and shrink, until it was zero again.

How do you insert picture from desktop to HTML page?

You don't actually insert an image into an HTML page. An HTML page can display an image from any location where the browser has access to the file. Let us assume that the image you want to display on your HTML page is image.jpg. You use the tag to tell the browser to display your image. The person looking at your HTML page needs to be able to access the file on your desktop. You normally would upload your image to the Web server, so the visiting browser can see your image. If the image is on your desktop and the browser has access to your desktop content, here is the code you would use to display your image on the Web page:

Would a Gateway monitor work with a dell laptop?

Certainly ... doesn't have to be the same brand name to be compatible. I have a Dell Desktop and a Samsung monitor. Should have some extra ports on the laptop rear panel for monitors and printers, etc.

Write down the different steps to change the wallpaper of the desktop?

# Right click any blank space (without icons) on your desktop # Select "properties" from the drop-down menu # Click the "Desktop" tab # Click the "Browse..." button # Browse to the image you would like to set as your "wallpaper" # Click ok on the browse box, and then on the display window If you would like to change your desktop background again, repeat these steps.

How do you get animated online pictures to animate on your desktop background?

You cannot. Desktop is a single image which would cause problems if you made it animate. Windows 98 allowed you to disply the desktop as a web page, which allowed animation. Vista ultimate allows you to play an mpeg move on the desktop background. Windows 7 and Vista allows the use of gadgets which can be made to display animated images behind active windows. I believe windows 7 has the option to display background as a webpage too.

I want to use my laptop monitor as the monitor for both my laptop and my desktop so if I run a dvi-HDMI cable from the dvi port on your desktop to the HDMI port on your notebook will this work?

No. The DVI port on your computer is output only. However, you may be able to find a USB TV tuner card with DVI input that would allow you to pull this off.

On a desktop computer is the monitor a peripheral device?

Computer comprises of three Essential Units in its design. These are:Central Processing UnitInput UnitOutput UnitPeripherals are devices used for special purposes as an expansion to the computer.Monitor displays the processed results without which it would have been difficult to contol Computer but anyhow it can be called a peripheral device because its perpose is to show off the processed data (output) on display.

What would happen if the CPU and the monitor program were combined so the computer would not take any time to find and display the information needed?

The CPU is hardware, the "monitor program" is software that runs on the CPU. They are very different things having different and incompatible implementations.

How is resolution of a LCD display measured?

Resolution is Measured in Pixels The resolution of a monitor is measured in picture elements, or "pixels" for short. Pixels are tiny dots that display on a computer monitor in one of millions of colors, shades and hues. To the viewer, the many pixels in a computer monitor combine to form a viewable picture. Vertical Measurements The first consideration in measuring a monitor's resolution is the number of lines displayed on the monitor from top to bottom. While a traditional television display may consist of about 480 lines, higher resolution computer monitors squeeze at least 1080 lines onto the display. Horizontal Measurements Each of the many lines measured in Section Two above is comprised of hundreds or thousands of tiny dots (pixels). Generally, the number of pixels contained in a line is proportional to the number of lines in the monitor's display; more lines means more dots in each line. Resolution is Measured in Horizontal x Vertical Pixels When a monitor's resolution is described, the description generally consists of the number of dots (pixels) contained in each line followed by the number of lines on the monitor. For example, a 1600 x 1200 display would contain 1600 pixels per line and display 1200 lines. An older monitor that displays resolutions of 640 x 480 would display 480 lines containing 640 pixels each. By this measurement, the number of dots per line can be multiplied by the number of lines to identify the total number of pixels displayed by the monitor. Using the examples above, a 1600 x1 200 monitor would display 1,920,000 individual pixels. An older monitor with a resolution of 640 x 480 would display 307,200 individual pixels. Because the individual pixels combine to display a complete picture, a higher number of pixels generally means a clearer picture.

What wires are needed to use a laptop as a monitor for a desktop?

You would have to purchase a video capture card, either one with a VGA input, or one with RGB input, and an appropriate splitter.