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Q: Why would the Park and Neutral lights light up on the dashboard and your car not start?
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How do tell which fuse is for the dashboard lights?

Turn on the dashboard lights, and start removing the fuses one by one. When the dashboard light turned off, that is the good fuse. If the dashboard fuse is burnt, start replacing the fuses one by one, and when the dashboard will light up that is the place of the burnt fuse.

Where are the Toyota Highlander dash warning lights?

(???) The warning lights are located in/on the dashboard surface and should light up for a few seconds as a system check, when you start the vehicle.

2007 350 grizzly when you turn on the key neutral is on and bright when you turn on kill switch neutral light goes out and dims and quad will not start will start if pulled head lights will not come?

Replace the battery.

How do you know if your alternator went out?

The car will not start after driving for a period of time. The lights are very dim while the engine is running and get darker , or the battery light is on in the dashboard.

Why don't I have dashboard lights in a 1992 Chevy Lumina?

If you don't have dashboard lights, check the tail light. They often go out at the same time. Most U.S. manufacturers put them both on the same circuit so that we'll notice when the tail lights fail. Check the fuses first, if that's not it, start tracing back to the switch.

Why does my oil light stay on when I start my Pt cruiser?

When a person turns their car on, the dashboard lights should turn off. However, if they do not, it means there is a problems. An oil light will stay on if there is low oil in a car.

How do you start a Honda Rancher?

Turn ignition on. Indicator lights will light. Put it in neutral. If red reverse light is off, go to next line, If red reverse light is on, shift up one till Green neutral light comes on. Put it in neutral. Shift down till Green light comes on. Press the starter (square button on left grip.

What is the problem when some house lights are bright and others dim?

Check the neutral connections. An open neutral or a high resistance neutral can cause this type of condition. The obvious place to start your search is in the switch boxes that connects to the light fixture.

What is wrong if you turn the key and car won't start there are no lights no radio no dashboard lights?

Most likely your car battery is completley dead.

Why does your ABS light come on when you start your car?

When you start your car all / most of the warning lights and other light in the dashboard will come on. It is just the procedure of the car starting and checking all the systems. If it stays on throughout the day, then the computer has detected a malfunction and set a code.

Light flashing on your ford transit van the light is the electical light that you wait to go off before you start the van it is now flashing could you tell you what the problem is please?

transit van dashboard lights flashing on and off and van not starting

Why my Fiat Punto 97 won't start red lights on dashboard dont even come on when I turn the key help please?

No lights light up and I presume no sounds when you turn the key, I would first check to see if the battery has a charge.

What is a starter Ignition Neutral switch?

The neutral start ( or neutral safety ) switch on an automatic transmission allows the vehicle to start only in park or neutral , and also acts as the backup light switch

What is a Lock light on dashboard 2004 Saturn ION?

light lock on saturn ion car won't start

1985 jeep Cherokee dashboard lights not working fuses are good everything else works?

Check the light switch. Resistor coil for dimming may be broken. Dome light and everything else worked on mine but the light switch was broken at the start of the resistor coil.

The dashboard light and the light in the music system is not working in Toyota Corolla 1998 how to repair it the other indicators are working properly Just the green light in dashboard and musicsystem?

Without knowing what you've tried already, I would start with checking the condition of the fuse that controls the dash lights. It may protect more than just dash lights so refer to owners manual, it may or may not tell what the specifications are. If that's OK, then there may be a problem in the light switch or a relay connected to it for the the problem.

What is required to start photosynthesis?

Light from the sun or artificial lights can start photosynthesis.

How does the neutral light on a 920 virago come on?

If the light doesn't come on, rock the bike back and forth, then kick into first, then into neutral. It should always come on. It will not start unless it is in neutral.

How to remove the Dashboard of a Ford Fusion 2008?

Hy, i have a ford fusion 2008 and I want to know how to remove the dashboard. Because I bought some LED lights and wanna plug them in. The came with a manual, but at the manual they start explaning with the dashboard already out.

Your 1994 Honda accord ex will start but shuts off immediately afterwards After it eventually starts and you put it into gear your dashboard light will flicker As you are driving it it will shut off?

Since the dashboard lights are flickering, it sounds like a possible wiring problem. Check all of the main wires from the battery to start with, then check the fuse box for any loose wiring.

Your 2001 olds aurora want start my horn blows and my inside lights come on when you open the door the lights on the dashboard want come on either what can cause that?

Reset computer,

1980 Camaro tail lights and dashboard lights do not work brake lights and turn signal lights do Any solution to fixing problem?

Most often the tail lights and dash lights share a single feed and fuse. Assuming you have checked the fuses (probably marked as tail or courtesy) then I would next check the head light switch. If you have good fuse and the head light gives a voltage out while in the 'parking light' position (usually between off and headlights) then you need to start chasing wiring. If you need more, post another question, and I'll see if I can walk you further down the path. I had this exact same problem and found out that the headlight switch was just making enough contact with the plug for the headlights to work. We plugged that in and the tail lights and dashboard lights started working also.

What are the meaning of the seat ibiza dashboard lights?

The ABS light indicates a problem with the anti-lock brake system, the airbag light is a problem within the airbag system and needs to be checked as soon as possible, the engine light is a malfunction with the engine after start up, the battery light shows the battery is no longer being charged, the EPC light is a fault in the engine. There are also some other lights that are self explanatory, and can be found in your car's manual.

Your 1997 Suburban turn signals on the dashboard blink rapidly and but the back signals lights and brake lights don't work Bulbs and fuse are ok what should you do?

Answer Usually when the flasher blinks rapidly it's about finished. Try replacing the signal light flasher and see what happens. If you still don't have Brake Lights start looking for a short.

What do the dashboard lights mean on a Ford Fiesta?

I have a ford fiesta 1.2 2005 model and it won't start, there is a number of lights flashin but one i have not notticed b4 is a car with a lock next to it, what does this mean?