Mercury Topaz

Why would the RPMs race up to almost 3500 and it sounds like you are stomping on the gas pedal in a 1993 Mercury Topaz?


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2008-10-03 08:04:44
2008-10-03 08:04:44

I had the exact same problem, with the same model car. You need to replace the idol air controller valve. I bought one at the local repair shop for 80$. It should not take more than a few minutes to fix. It is located on the backside of the intake manifold. It is a black box near the center,and in the back. It has an electical connection that clips on the side of the box. There will be two bolts that will require an 8mm wrench or socket to take off. This is important....the replacement part(if new from the part store) will have to be put on the Opposite of the one you take off. In other words, on the topaz model, you will be putting the new part on upside down.


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