Why would the air conditioner on a 2000 Chevy Tracker keep blowing the 25 amp fuse?

I was told that my 2000 tracker kept blowing the a/c fuse because I had a bad ground somewhere. I just don't care for a/c so I never tracked down which green wire had a bad connection.

A/C 2000 Tracker advice

Go to--> a site called; justanswer.com-- It is well worth the trouble and you get a real timely reply- and save big $$$ instead taking it to a garage- if you can invest a little time troubleshooting. It's not so difficult, step by step. I have a '98 Tracker and rec'd EXCELLENT service from the Techs. This is the first(knock wood) problem I had with the A/C this year or anything else. This site is bookmarked on my computer. The Fuse blowing is doing it's job-->protecting vital sensors,relay,a/c amplifier. Go to this site. The Techs will walk you thru. Is it the 25 Amp in the engine compartment fuse box? Most books like Chilton won't have the A/C repair tips. You'll be glad you visited that site. Good Luck a fellow-Trackee!

I agree with the above. I've never been to the site, but I know that trackers are known for electrical gremlins that are costly to diagnose and repair, the most common being the faulty ground. Mine has this problem right now, and it kills my brand new battery after sitting for more than 24 hrs or so. I hope you find the info you'll need ... thanks to whomever listed the site, I'll be going there to diagnose my 2000 tracker's electrical problem. Good luck!

Before paying someone like at the site listed above, try and unplug the front Aux fan in front of the radiator. The fan is known for blowing fuses on XL-7's.

I had the same problem, somewhere in this forum I read that there are wires that come out of the fuse box under the hood. Those wires can rub against a metal part and wear away the coating on the wires. I looked under my hood and that's exactly what I found. I put some electrical tape on the damaged wire, replaced the fuse and today I have A/C.