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Why would the air suspension light come on but not pump in a 1998 Town Car?


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2005-01-14 18:58:42
2005-01-14 18:58:42

if you have more than 100k on it the rear bags have holes in them ,the fuse has blown cutting power to the pump that airs up the bags.


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You should check the air suspension switch, located on the passenger's side of the trunk. If the switch is off, the light will come on, also check the air suspension fuse. If both of these are OK, then the pump could possibly be going out.

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I need help with 1998 Lincoln mk8 air ride compressor not kick in?

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I have reolaced them on 3 town cars every time I but a piece of black friction tape over the light or take top og dash off and remove bulb

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Make sure switch in trunk is in proper position

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yes it can the tube is used to store the gasses from the cylinder

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