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Q: How do you turn off Air Suspension light on a 98 Town Car that has been converted to springs?
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How do you disable the air suspension light on a 2000 Lincoln town car when it was converted to springs?

I'm sorry I don't have the exact details...but when my 95 TC was converted to springs, an instruction sheet came with the spring kit that addressed the issue. There was a small circuit board located behind the glove box in the dashboard, and one cut one of the wires from it. Darn shame I don't remember which wire, but maybe this hint will help you research further.

If you replaced the air bags with coil springs how do you turn off the suspension light on a 2000 Lincoln town car?

google it, there will be direction to cut a certain wire to make the light go away. There will be no damage done by doing this.

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Have a 1999 Lincoln Town Car your air suspension not working properly you just put on a new compressor the air suspension light is not on but the car still wont rise?

What causes the compressor to gail is a slow leak in the rear air springs. Rubber just naturally dries out. As a result the air compressor has been working itself to hard. You need to replace your air springs. You can get excellent air springs for your car made with Good Year rubber

You have replaced your air suspension how do you disconnect the air suspension light 94 town car?

I have reolaced them on 3 town cars every time I but a piece of black friction tape over the light or take top og dash off and remove bulb

Can you bypass the Automatic leveling suspension system of a 1992 Lincoln town car?

you can turn the switch off (located on the right side of the trunk) or you can replace the air springs with regular spring. there is a special suspension kit

Why is the rear my 1998 town car so low?

Town cars have an air suspension system. There are air bags on the rear axle instead of springs. There are a lot of things that can go wrong: Leaks in the bags or lines. Pump not working. Fuses blown. Google "check air suspension". You can also buy a conversion kit that replaces it all with springs designed just for that. I paid $115 on eBay and am glad to be done with the air suspension.

Do all 1995 town car with air ride suspension has shocks?

The shocks on the Town car are actually regular shocks front and rear and are separate from the air springs. They are fairly inexpensive. The rear has air springs rather than mechanical steel springs. Do not mess with them if they are working. Replacement air springs can be purchased from for around $100 each and they will last for another 10 years. If you can change spark plugs you can change an air spring. Arnott gives detailed instructions. Don't be afraid of the air suspension, it is much superior over the steel springs.

Suspension light is on your 93 Lincoln town car?

Make sure switch in trunk is in proper position

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What do you have to do to de-activate the air suspension light and system after converting the air suspension to coil springs?

There is an air suspension switch in the trunk on the passenger side. You can turn it of . there is also an air suspension fuse under the hood in the fuse box on the passenger fender well. you can remove that 30 amp fuse also. in the fender well inside the trunk on the passenger side behind the suspension switch. remove the carpet off the side. there is a module with two conections, one grey and one black one. remove the black one. there is one green, with light green wire. cut that wire and reconnect the harness back on. the air suspension light on the dash will go out. this is for 1994 and before Lincoln town cars. on 1995, the module is behind the glove compartment. do the same like on 1994. cut the green wire and the air suspension light will go out. this is the best way to disable the whole system.

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What could be wrong when the suspension light comes on and the fuse blow on a 1992 Lincoln Town Car?

A possible cause for this is that air suspension pump is continully working due to a leaking air bag

Why would the air suspension light come on and the airbags do not leak on a 93 Lincoln Town Car?

You should check the air suspension switch, located on the passenger's side of the trunk. If the switch is off, the light will come on, also check the air suspension fuse. If both of these are OK, then the pump could possibly be going out.

What causes air suspenion light to come in a 1996 Lincoln town car signature series?

Something is wrong with your air suspension.

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What do you have to do to de-activate the air suspension light and system after converting the air suspension to coil springs on a 94 Lincoln town car?

Go on over to the guys at and give them a call - they are very helpful. You can also pick up a free report at which shows you how to fix 8 of the most common problems (and also offers a discount coupon at the end of the report). Enjoy.

Is there a sporty transition you can put on a 94 to 97 town car And is there a way to install a IRS independent rear suspension on the 94 to 2001?

You can get a conversion kit and convert it over to coil springs. Click the link.

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How do you repair air suspension 1994 Lincoln Town Car suspension down leak?

I replaced the air suspension on my 1993 town car with one of Strutmasters air suspension conversion kits. My baby rides good again and they have a lifetime warranty. Hard to go wrong.

Indicator says check airsuspension in linkoln town car 1993?

Could be a bad compressor, a bad air spring or blown fuse or corroded air lines. I recommend just replacing the air springs with standard coil springs and say goodbye to air suspension problems forever.

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