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There is an air suspension switch in the trunk on the passenger side. You can turn it of . there is also an air suspension fuse under the hood in the fuse box on the passenger fender well. you can remove that 30 amp fuse also.

in the fender well inside the trunk on the passenger side behind the suspension switch. remove the carpet off the side. there is a module with two conections, one grey and one black one. remove the black one. there is one green, with light green wire. cut that wire and reconnect the harness back on. the air suspension light on the dash will go out. this is for 1994 and before Lincoln town cars. on 1995, the module is behind the glove compartment. do the same like on 1994. cut the green wire and the air suspension light will go out. this is the best way to disable the whole system.

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Q: What do you have to do to de-activate the air suspension light and system after converting the air suspension to coil springs?
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Can you bypass the Automatic leveling suspension system of a 1992 Lincoln town car?

you can turn the switch off (located on the right side of the trunk) or you can replace the air springs with regular spring. there is a special suspension kit

What do you have to do to de-activate the air suspension light and system after converting the air suspension to coil springs on a 94 Lincoln town car?

Go on over to the guys at and give them a call - they are very helpful. You can also pick up a free report at which shows you how to fix 8 of the most common problems (and also offers a discount coupon at the end of the report). Enjoy.

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How do you convert the air suspension system to after market shocks on 94 Lincoln mark 8?

Go to They offer a conversion kit and it comes with instructions on how to convert from Airbags to springs.