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Go on over to the guys at and give them a call - they are very helpful. You can also pick up a free report at which shows you how to fix 8 of the most common problems (and also offers a discount coupon at the end of the report). Enjoy.

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Q: What do you have to do to de-activate the air suspension light and system after converting the air suspension to coil springs on a 94 Lincoln town car?
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Does the Lincoln Mark VIII have coil springs?

No, they have an air suspension which means air bags.

Why were leaf springs replaced by coil springs and or independent suspension systems?

coil springs and independent suspension replaced leaf springs to give a better and smoother ride

Three basic types of springs used in automotive suspension system are?

There are actually four types of springs used in the suspension system. They are coil springs, leaf springs, torsion bars, and air springs.

What kind of springs does a suspension system use?

Suspension systems use both coil springs, generally around a shock absorber, and leaf springs.

What does suspension mean?

Suspension- the springs that support the cars weight.

What are magnets and springs used for?

Magnets for suspension springs for clocks

Can you bypass the Automatic leveling suspension system of a 1992 Lincoln town car?

you can turn the switch off (located on the right side of the trunk) or you can replace the air springs with regular spring. there is a special suspension kit

How make suspension?

buy some springs

Why no springs are used in front suspension of normal motorcycle?

A normal motorcycle has springs built into the front suspension. You may not see them because they are inside the forks/shocks.

How do you remove front air bags on 1989 Lincoln mark vii?

before i start are you changing suspension air springs or safty restraint air bags im sorry but many people call front suspension air bags

What are the types of springs used in the suspension systems?

Coil springs. Leaf springs. Torsion bar.

What do struts do?

They are a replacement for shock absorbers and springs (suspension)

What tension is in a car?

The springs in the suspension hold tension.

What is a seven letter word for suspension coils?


Why do cars have springs?

First of all, they aren't springs, they're suspension, and second of all, if you don't have suspension on your car then the car will get damaged internally and the ride would be very bumpy and uncomfortable. So, your car really needs its "springs."

How do you get the check air suspension light to quit coming on after changing to springs and struts on 1993 Lincoln mark 8?

Try turning the switch off in the trunk on drivers side.

What other lincolns can you use to change the air suspension to regular shocks in a 1995 Lincoln mark 8?

None but some people use the T-Bird springs and shocks.

How do you convert the air suspension system to after market shocks on 94 Lincoln mark 8?

Go to They offer a conversion kit and it comes with instructions on how to convert from Airbags to springs.

How much are car springs?

Id suggest you specify your question a bit more briefly. Meaning Front coil springs? suspension springs? door handle springs?

What is a torsion bar?

Another means of suspension in a vehicle other than leaf springs or coil springs.

Can you install coil springs on a ford expedition Eddie Bauer air suspension?

Yes,I had the air suspension taken off and replaced with coil springs. I have a 98' Eddie Bauer, the dealership did after I got fed up with the air suspension. Good luck!

What is a bagged truck?

I would take that to be that the suspension springs have been removed and replaced with an air bag suspension system.

Why you not use leaf springs in place of helical springs in trains?

because these springs are long in length & more over less suspension system.

How do you install suspension springs on a mustang gt?

go to autozone

Where did Lincoln win?

in calardo springs