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Why would the battery on a 1989 Maxima discharge when the car is turned off?


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2005-01-12 07:37:09
2005-01-12 07:37:09

most likely it is because items, such as lights (trunk, etc.) are left on. Or that there is a short in one of the alternator diodes (is it charging correctly?). Or the battery is just old and no longer holds a charge. How often between running the car? It could be tha you dont give the battery enough time to charge sufficiently.


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All of a vehicle's electicity using devices drain/discharge the battery, but during the time the engine is running, the alternaror is supposed to keep the battery recharged. If the engine IS running, but the alternator is NOT providing enough current to recharge the battery then ALL of the electricity using devices discharge the battery. Some of the "onboard" computers draw some slight amount of power even when the ignition switch is off, but they do not use enough power by themselves to significantly discharge the vehicle battery. Any electricity using device which SHOULD be turned off when the ignition is off, BUT... which due to some fault [such as a "stuck" relay for example] that keeps that device still turned on when the engine is not running and the key is off will also discharge the battery. Or, just leaving the ignition switch on without the engine running, or the headlights or parking lights on, or sound equipment left on will contribute to discharge of a vehicle's battery.

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Either something is on and is drawing current from the battery or the battery itself has a dead cell which will drain the battery. If the battery is over 3 yeas old, replace it.

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If the defect is causing a parasitic drain, yes.

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from me constantly raping your cars exhaust while you sleep.

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If the battery is bad, you may only hear clicks. It could be the starter, but I would check the charge on the battery first.

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