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most likely it is because items, such as lights (trunk, etc.) are left on. Or that there is a short in one of the alternator diodes (is it charging correctly?). Or the battery is just old and no longer holds a charge. How often between running the car? It could be tha you dont give the battery enough time to charge sufficiently.

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Q: Why would the battery on a 1989 Maxima discharge when the car is turned off?
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What would make a car discharge besides the battery and alternator?

All of a vehicle's electicity using devices drain/discharge the battery, but during the time the engine is running, the alternaror is supposed to keep the battery recharged. If the engine IS running, but the alternator is NOT providing enough current to recharge the battery then ALL of the electricity using devices discharge the battery. Some of the "onboard" computers draw some slight amount of power even when the ignition switch is off, but they do not use enough power by themselves to significantly discharge the vehicle battery. Any electricity using device which SHOULD be turned off when the ignition is off, BUT... which due to some fault [such as a "stuck" relay for example] that keeps that device still turned on when the engine is not running and the key is off will also discharge the battery. Or, just leaving the ignition switch on without the engine running, or the headlights or parking lights on, or sound equipment left on will contribute to discharge of a vehicle's battery.

Why would a battery discharge for no apparent reason?

Either something is on and is drawing current from the battery or the battery itself has a dead cell which will drain the battery. If the battery is over 3 yeas old, replace it.

What would make your battery drain on your 1998 Nissan maxima?

from me constantly raping your cars exhaust while you sleep.

Would a bad solenoid discharge the battery?

If the defect is causing a parasitic drain, yes.

Why is your '95 Maxima not starting only hear clicks?

If the battery is bad, you may only hear clicks. It could be the starter, but I would check the charge on the battery first.

If a 12 volt 18 amp hour battery is installed in a circuit with a continuous 1 amp current draw on the battery what would happen?

would discharge in 18 hours

What does 1994 Saturn SL2 dashboard battery warning light indicate?

It typically indicates that the alternator has failed and is no longer charging the battery. Once that happens, the battery will slowly discharge and the vehicle will no longer start. The battery is simply an electrical storage device and if the alternator is unable to replace the electrical energy used LAST time the vehicle started, the battery will discharge. Automotive batteries are not designed for "deep discharge", meaning that if you allow your battery to discharge too much you are causing harm. Once the warning light comes on it would be wise for you to take care of the problem as soon as possible.

Why would the battery light stay on after the ignition is turned off on a 1986 Nissan pickup?

The voltage reg is sticking and will run down the battery.

Why would Battery light and brake light came on 2000 Nissan maxima?

Battery and brake light coming on means the Alternator is not charging the battery . It could either mean a bad circuit connection or the alternator is just shot. Have the Alternator checked.

You just replaced your alternator on your Nissan maxima 1995 and the battery light is staying on how do you reset the battery light?

Battery light usually means alternator not charging. Most common solutions would be be a bad alternator, bad connection, or loose alt belt.

How do you reset the check engine light on a 1998 Nissan Maxima?

A quick way to reset the check engine light would be to disconnect the battery for a short while

What would make the battery drain on a 2003 maxima?

A dead cell within the battery itself will drain the battery. There is no fix for this except replacing the battery. You may also have something that is pulling power from the battery. Examples are under hood light, dome light, glove box, trunk, courtesy light, and any numbers of relays.

Can a capacitor store electric energy from a wind mill to discharge into a storage battery?

Yes, but it would not be cost effective. The battery has more "capacity" than a capacitor. Best to simply charge the storage battery directly from the wind mill.

What would cause a battery to discharge overnight on a 1986 Pontiac parisienne?

I'm not sure if this may be YOUR problem but when I was having my battery discharge on me, I ended up disconnecting the passengers electric seat. Again, I'm not even sure if that was the problem or if it's your problem either, but it seemed to work for mine.

Why would a car make a clicking noise when the key is turned but the car not turned on?

A very low (but not quite dead) battery will do that. It's the starter relay trying to work.

What would cause the battery light in a car to stay on when started but when turned off and on again it does not stay on?

The alternator is failing.

What would cause your car to not crank after it has been running and then turned off?

Discharged battery possibly or trouble with starter.

What would cause a 1999 Dodge to click repeatedly when the key is turned but not start?

Low battery, bad connection or starter.

How do you know when the starter is bad on a Nissan Maxima?

You know when the starter on your nissan maxima is going bad when your car doesnt start/ even when someone gives you a boost, all your fuses are fine, and none of them are NOT blown. You know its your starter and NOT alernator when you take another battery from a car thats been driven and their battery is ok and you put it into your car and the car will not start. If its the alternator, then the car would start in that case.

Would a bad alternator on a 1999 Grand Cherokee Jeep Limited keep discharging a brand new battery?

=== === Some types of electrical shorts do cause the battery to discharge. But usually a bad alternator just does not charge the battery. Or does not put a large enough charge back into the battery. This causes the battery to discharge when you start and run the motor. The spark plugs and other things need electricity that would usually come from the alternator is now coming from your battery. If your bad alternator is not recharging the new battery, the battery will soon fail to start or run your vehicle. You need to have your alternator tested. It should be putting out at least 12 volts, usually around 13 to 15 volts.

Would a battery in which both metals components are copper make a good battery?

Only if you could develop a battery chemistry that (similar to the Lead Acid battery) corroded one copper plate during charging and not the other, without generating lots of hydrogen gas, and was reversible during discharge. I have never read of any such battery chemistry. I'd have to say no.

How do you put discharge in a sentence?

Discharge can be a verb or a noun. "We did not know when they would discharge him from the hospital" uses "discharge" as a verb. "Watch for increased inflammation or any discharge" uses "discharge" as a noun.

How many amps in a 19.2volt drill?

Amps vary depending on mode of use. Usually 19 Volt batteries usually have a 2 ampere hour capacity. If you fully charged the battery and connected it to drill and started a timer when you turned it on at full power; you could measure the time to fully discharge. If it ran for 1 hour you would be pulling two amps. On the other hand if you shorted out the battery it would draw many more amps and die quite quickly.

Why would your alarm go off when you started your Lincoln 2001 ls?

Mine did that for a while, I tried everything, except replacing the battery. When the battery gets low it triggers the alarm. It turned out to be an easy fix

What kind of damage would turning on a new laptop without fully charging the battery do if any?

This should not damage the laptop at all, they are designed to be turned on at any time. (Unless of course the battery is dead.)