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a short circuit in the wiring is causing the fuse to blow... check all bulb holders and wiring for rust or corrosion, make sure all the bulbs used ar the correct type for the vehicle. does the vehicle have a trailer plug? most importantly, NEVER use an incorrect fuse, NEVER replace it with a higher amperage, wires could overheat, and a fire could start!

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โˆ™ 2006-12-30 14:24:37
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Q: Why would the brake fuse of a Mitsubishi Galant go out every 3 months?
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Where is engine vacuum hose located in 2002 Mitsubishi galant?

every where

What is the lifespan of a timing belt on a Mitsubishi galant 04?

Mitsubishi says every 60,000 miles it should be replaced.

When should you replace the cam belt in a 97 Mitsubishi Galant?

according to Mitsubishi service manual on my car which is a 2001 4cil galant is every 60000 miles, yours shoul be around the same ..

Where is the firewall on a 2002 Mitsubishi Galant se?

the same place as every other automobile in America

Does a 2011 Mitsubishi Galant have a timing chain or belt?

It has a timing belt ! Recommended to be replaced every 60000 miles.

Does a Mitsubishi Galant 3 liter engine have an interference engine?

You did not indicate the year your Galant 3.0L was produced. I looked up a 2001 model Galant LS 3.0L, and yes, it is an interference engine. Replace the timing belt AND water pump every 100,000 miles or kiss the valves goodbye.

How do you change an alternator on 2001 galant?

The computer in the car will not hold memory, the windshield washer only work on one speed, bright light will not work, I have to put the radio code in every-time I start the car. 2001 Mitsubishi Galant.

When to have a transmission oil change on Mitsubishi eclipse gs 2000?

Every 30,000 miles is recommended or every 24 months which ever comes first

My Mitsubishi Galant died while driving now wont start?

check the engine fuse it might be blown,or timing belt it might be wornout I had this problem happen twice to me, where it died on the road and I had to pull over and it would not start. This was a 1994 Mitsubishi Galant. The mechanic replaced what I think is the internal distributor, it was some electronic black box literally, and after that it was fine. I guess they burn out every 7 to 10 years.

How many quarts of oil does the 2006 Mitsubishi galant?

Start with four quarts and add oil checking every 1/2 quart or so. I believe it will be between 4 1/2 and 5 quarts.

How often to change brake pads?

Check them every 6 months , replace when down to about 3/32 inch.

How often should brake inspections be done?

Often people change or get a brake inspection every 6 months. Every six months, usually people just get it done by the auto people who fix cars and each different car gets a different thing they need to fix or yeah.

Where can you find electrical diagram for 2001 galant?

Try the Chilton's manual for the Galant. It has lots of detailed info on every aspect of the car.

What is the capacity of the fuel tank in 2002 Mitsubishi galant?

14 gallons... which includes the 1 and a half gallons of gas you have left when your "low fuel light" goes on. That is approximate. I know because I have one. Dude check your facts it's a 16.3 gallon tank for every single 2002 galant model (V6, I4, DE, ES, GTZ).

When to replace the timing belt on a 2000 galant?

Every 60,000 miles

When does your car only need brake pads?

Depends on your driving style. Check them every 6 months and renew when they get down to 3/32.

How often to change 1998 galant transmission oil?


How come you have to replace your brake every 12000 miles on your 2005 TC?

Partially frozen caliper? Parking brake not fully released? Agressive driving? No, this is a known T&C problem. The brake calipers and assembly are poorly designed and not big enough for the GVW of the vehicle. I have owned a T&C since 1998 and have to replace every 12-14 months

How long is the life span of the 05 Mitsubishi galant?

Depends on how it is driven and maintained. If the owner is constantly driving in pedal to the metal mode, the engine is going to fail sooner than if it was driven at moderate speeds and properly maintained like changing the oil every 3000 miles.

How often should I check the brake fluid in my car?

You should check your brake fluid every three months to make sure the levels are okay. If the levels are down, replace the fluids immediately...better safe than sorry.

How often do you change Mini Cooper brake pads?

There is no set time or even mileage to change ANY brake pads. It depends entirely on the quality of pads and how you drive. -You should check them every 6 months and when they get down to 3/32 of brake material that's the time to change.

Does a 99 Mitsubishi galant take r12 or r134 for the ac system?

It takes R134. R12 is no longer used in vehicles produced around 1990 and newer. Every vechicle from 95 and on uses R134A. Some cars may have even started converting over to r134 as early as 93 but officially EVERY VEHICLE from 95 and on has r134

Define the terms annually and semiannuall and quarterly?

Once every 12 months, once every 6 months, once every 3 months

When to change fuel filters of Mitsubishi lancer 1.5 glx?

It needs to get replaced when it starts to get old or not work properly. Make sure to check it every few months to see if it looks good.

Should you de-worm your horse every 3 months 6 months every other month or once a month?

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