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Why would the brake lights on a 96 Monte Carlo and not work even after replacing the bulbs and fuse?

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2011-09-13 17:22:49
2011-09-13 17:22:49

Check the stop light switch on the brake pedal.

The problem is with the turn signal switch.The only cure is to replace the turn signal switch which is in the steering colum. This runs about $600.00 . This happens in 1995 to 1999 Monte Carlo's. Somtimes you can put your turn signal on to left or right then back to center and brake lights will work until you use your turn signal again.

I have this problem as we speak the cheap and quick fix is to pull the turn signal in to the point right before it clicks on your high beams during stopping. After awhile it will become second nature but you will realize you keep doing even in diffrent cars.

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If your 98 Monte Carlo brake lights do not work when you hit the brakes, but the top one behind the glass works, check the bulbs. If the bulbs have burn out, the lights will cease to work.

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My rear window brake light works, but not my tail light brakes on my 1997 Monte Carlo. What is the problem?

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If the bulbs are good then the brake light switch is bad, it's on top of the brake pedal up under the dash.

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a fuse or fulty wiring the brake lights are useually out the same time as the dash lights if that helps any

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