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there is a little metal plate that scrapes the rotor to warn you when your pads are getting too warn down True, if you have rear disc brakes. But if, like most cars built before 2000 and many cars built since, you have rear drum brakes, you probably have a loose spring or something of the like. Drum brakes have springs and cables to hold the shoes in position. If a spring snaps, the shoes will be off center in the drum, causing a grinding sound. They may still work like always. Also important is that rear brakes do only 25% of the work. It's possible that the shoes need to be replaced and the drums turned or replaced even if you are able to stop with no problem. Ignoring a problem with brakes will end up costing a whole lot more money in the long run.

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Q: Why would the brakes on the rear-passenger wheel make a grinding metal-on-metal noise but continue to function properly?
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