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Hey Marques==Either the rotors or the durms or both need to be turned. Goodluck Joe

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Q: Why would the car vibrate when you hit the brakes but only when you come to a complete stop?
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What is wrong with the brakes if a car won't come to a complete stop after firmly pressing the brakes?

brakes need replaced

Does a 1968 Mercury Meteor Montcalm have disk brakes or drum brakes?

Disc brakes may have been an option but it would normally come stock with drum brakes.

How can I remove my drum brakes?

Once you get your brakes off, I would use a screwdriver to loosen the brake drum. It should come off easily after that.

How do you stop a car from moving?

Apply the brakes until you have come to a complete stop then shift the selector into park and set the parking brake.

What is the purpose of a drum brake?

The purpose of a drum brake is to come to a complete stop with any veichle that may have drum brakes in the rear of the car.

Why would your turn signal lights only come on when you are pushing on the brakes?

i think your car is broken

Do jets have brakes?

Nope! Haven't you ever wondered why the runways are so long!? You know come to think of it, Jets would be much safer with brakes wouldn't they!?

What causes the sounds that come from the guitars and piano?

strings vibrATE

What causes the sounds that come from guitars and pianos?

strings vibrATE

How do you hook up trailer brakes on a 1997 Chevy?

You'll need to purchase a brake module. There are several types, and all come with complete installation instructions.

What was the first year that impala come with disc brakes?

The first year it came standard with disc brakes up front would be 1971. For a couple years before that it was an option.

What is the warranty that Midas Brakes offers?

When you purchase brakes or brake pads from Midas Brakes they come with a lifetime warranty. The warranty is exclusive to retailers that offer Midas Brakes and installation.

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