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Generally, unburned fuel getting into the converter is what damages them. How is it running?, what size engine? What did the dealer say is "wrong" with the converters they are replacing? -->You can easily damage your catalytic converter by making a lot of very short trips and not allowing you car to properly reach operating temperature.

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Q: Why would the catalytic converter have to be replaced 8 times in a 1997 Chevy Monte Carlo first at 37000 miles purchased new Service department replaced all possibilities and say they do not know why?
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How can I replace my catalytic converter?

First, lift your car using ramps to ensure that you can reach the converter which is located about midway down the length of your car. Second, remove all the bolts holding the converter in place. Third, make sure that the catalytic converter that you have purchased is right for your car to avoid any confusion. Fourth, take your O2 wrench and remove the O2 sensor before you unbolt the catalytic converter. After that, remove the pipe that connects the sensor to the converter. Fifth, bolt the new catalytic converter in place after you have taken out the old one. Sixth, re-attach the exhaust pipes and O2 sensor. After this is done you are basically done!

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