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Why would the check engine light stay on in a 1997 Honda Accord if the oil AC brake fluid and water are all OK?

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2011-09-13 17:22:59
2011-09-13 17:22:59

The check engine light has nothing to do with fluid levels. It is an emissions warning light. It means there is something wrong and the engine is not running within specs. Have the computer scanned for any codes that have been set. This will tell you what part or parts is being effected.

AnswerUn hook the positive side of the battery cable for about ten minutes. Then hook it back up that should clear the light. AnswerYou probably have a bad oxygen sensor. That is the most common problem.

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it is an indicator. You need to check your brake fluid or your bulb.

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The check engine light on a 2003 Honda Accord will be triggered when something on the engine is malfunctioning. To rid the check engine a light the ECU will need to be reset.

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