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Why would the clock on a 1999 Chevy Blazer keep re-setting itself?


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2004-07-13 11:39:46
2004-07-13 11:39:46

Hey Tom ==It probably has a loose connection and looses voltage/. GoodluckJoe

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Press and hold down clock button while pressing hr/min.

i have a 2005 blazer...there is 2 very little buttons on bottom left of the stereo..just push and hold either one

For me the reason the clock and stereo were resetting was because they were losing all power from the battery. The battery was dead. maybe your cables need to be cleaned or there is a loose connection.

hold in the "clock" button until the time comes up then turn use the volume and channel controls to adjust.

Does it reset after shutting vehicle off? Could be memory fuse Check fuses

How do you reset clock radio in Chevy HHR

push the set button then within 10 seconds push the seek and scan buttons to change the time.

Nothing except resetting your clock and radio presets.

Press the set button and use the seek and scan buttons to change the hours and minutes.

Trouble is brewing, probably within the "clock spring". Take it to a shop that works on air bag systems.

Give me a simple that uses clock

how do you set the clock on a 2003 chevrolet trailblazer

It is designed to stay on. It will not drain your battery.

How do I change the clock setting on a 1997 Chevy Lumina with a CD stereo system?

How do youchange the clock on a 2002 zx2 ford escort?

First clean battery connections, if this does not correct problem the battery needs replacing.

Yes, the word reset is a verb and a noun; the noun reset is the act or resetting or a device for resetting. Examples: Verb: We have to reset the clock tonight. Noun: The reset has been activated to retrieve your files.

See {Setting the Clock} under Audio Systems in your "Owner's Manual".....

The clock light is an integral part of the clock and is not replacable by itself

If the clock is not working, it is most likely an internal problem with the clock itself. Check out the below website:.

If the clock is not working, it is most likely an internal problem with the clock itself. Check out the below website:

YES Assuming your talking side post. The black lead or wire is the ground and the red is positive. They both loosen counter clock wise. For top post batteries that have lead of steel connections the nuts are turned counter clock wise to loosen them.

I have a 2000 Blazer and in the lower R/S of the stereo is an hour and a min button. They are tiny, but can be depressed with your finger, if just barely. Hold that button down for about 3-5 sec. and the hours or mins will change accordingly. If it's different for a 2002, I don't know what to tell ya. Good luck! Jesus loves you!

When you set up the computer it usually asks you where you are located and may then adjust the clock to local time after having obtained 'universal time' form the Internet. Check your computer's date and time settings in the control panel (look at the time zone settings)

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