Why would the drive light be flashing and the check engine light on in a 1992 Acura Legend?

ir you mean the overdrive light there is a problem with the transmission It's the speed control. It's a part that looks like a small transmission connected to the power steering. it's the electrical parts that are bad. Hello, First your letter D is flashing because its your VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor) that is bad, you have to replace it. All early 90's Legends go thru that the VSS tends to fail its just a defect they have you will also notice rpm idle changes then your mph or rpm needle will stop or jump up and down then your odometer will stop too! and when your check engine lights on that means its really serious now you better get that fixed before your tranny goes out busted too! their about $150 bucks at the auto parts if you know a little mechanic you can do it yourself its not that hard its right next to the oil filter.