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Why would the engine in a Ford XLT stop jist a few seconds after being started?

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first of all check your fuel pressure. it should be at least 7-10 psi.then you should check fuel filter. then next would be the fuel pump. other problems could be air filter or map sensor.

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The fuel pump only runs for a couple seconds after the initial start attempt, then shuts off. Crank the engine for a few seconds. Then turn it off and then do it again for a few more seconds. Do this several times in order to get the fuel to the engine. After a few attempts, the engine should start.. Hope this helps...

What happens to a non running car with no oil?

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choke not working

Why is my Chevy Trailblazer making a thump noise when the engine is started?

i dont know but would like to know!!!

What would cause intermittent runnig on 1993 tempo?

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95 Chevy lumina engine problem Picked the car up drove it 5 miles and the engine stalled it would start but when you but it in either Fwd or Rev gear it would stall as soon as you touched accelerator?

That would be that the torque converter is gone on the transmission. Ive always found that if you get the engine started, go under the hood and manually open the butterfly valve on youre intake and hold it for 15 seconds at the rev limiter. If that doesent clear it up than you may need a new torque converter.

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Why would brake pedal go to floor after engine started?

Low fluid level or defective master cylinder.

2000 Expedition XLT - What would cause engine to turn off right after it has been started?

Dead battery, seized engine, lack of air or gas,

When do you change a fule filter for a Chevrolet suburban?

I changed mine when the engine started stuttering during acceleration. It go so bad that the engine would not run above a certain RPM. At first it would only go to 1900 RPM's and then it started droping. Looking back over the last several thousand miles the vehicle just didn't have power. With the cost of a new filter only being about $7, I would change it any time I thought it might be clogged.

What would cause a whinning noise in the engine for about 2 seconds of a 1998 Mitsubishi eclipse when it is started in the morning?

the first thing i would check would be all your belts, then from there you are going to want to plug in a computer dignostics system to make sure that all your sensors are working, then it could be any thing from a spun bearing to a walked crank but best bet would be belt good luck

Why would your car start your check engine light is slower on?

the question doesn make sense but if you mean why does my engine light stay on when my car is started it means there is a problem in the engine whuch needs to be looked at by a mechanic

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