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It appears that it is low on freon. Did you evacuate the system??? Take it to an a/c mechanic. could be the "head unit" or A/c contols in the dash.

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Q: Why would the front AC blow cool only on 2 but blow warm air on 3 or 4 and the rear AC blow only warm air?
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What would make a 1995 jaguar only blow cool air when the air conditioning is on?

jaguars blow, the ac is making the cool air. turn it off, to stop cool the cool air.

Why does the rear ac in a 95 Chevy G20 van blow hot air when the front ac blows cool air?

The back fan only works with the heating system. It only helps to blow around air when in cooling mode. In other words, it doesn't have a A/C coil like the front. Hope that helps

What would cause a 85 Chevy Caprice to only blow out cool air with it all the way up?

Have you checked the heater core? It's happened to me before.

What would cause the heater to blow only cool to warm air not hot air in a 2004 Chevy Impala?

It could be that you need coolant or it's low.

Why would a 96 Taurus wagon heater only blow when running at high RPMs and cool down when idling?

it has a partially clogged heater core.replace the heater core

Why wont my heater blow out hot air only cool air on my 1999 Chevy Tahoe?

if this system uses dex-cool flush the system

Why would your central air conditioner blow warm air only in the middle of the day and blow fine at night?

Your air conditioning unit might need recharged with freon. If there is not enough freon in the system the system will not cool the air in the heat of the day but when the outside temperature drops in the evening it might be easier to cool.

Air vents only blow on front widscreen on Ford Mondeo?

Check your fuses.At first

92 lumina and when you turn on the heat or air it will only blow from the floor and defrost it wont blow from the front vents what would cause this problem?

vacuum leak the vacuum reservoir is below the left head light, check the hoses

What damage caused by overcharging AC with 6 pounds of R134a double the recommended 3 pounds in 1992 Pontiac Trans Sport with only front AC?

1. Blow up the compressor.. 2. Blow out the front seal... 3. Blow out the accumulator bag... 4. Blow out an a/c line..

Why does our ac only blow really hot air but only in the front while the back cool air is working fine?

One cause could be a failed temperature blend door actuator motor - see "Related Questions" for an in-depth discussion on this common failure point.

If the rear heater works ok why does the front heater only blow cold air?

replace front heater corefront and rear have independent heater cores

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