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Leaks are always fun to track down (I'm joking....).

More than likely, the leak is on the driver's side. That being said, from a little experience I can say that the leak is PROBABLY at the top of the car, not down at the bottom. the door itself is dry....but what about the rubber/foam seals? Look (better still-- feel) closely. A bad seal can start a single drip that will fill your trunk if you let it. I have an '89 Probe that does this in the rainy season.

Basicly....look (and feel) everywhere. But...water doesn't "flow" uphill so if you start searching at the top and work down, then you may be searching for awhile if the leak does happen to start nearer the floorboads. Then again, if you start at the bottom, you'll probably have to "trace" the flow of water to the actual leak once you do find the river that's feeding "Lake Floorboard".

If you can't wait for the next rainstorm....try hosing your car down with LOTS of water. If water conservation is an issue, try using non-dtrinkable water (just don't lick the car afterwards ;) ) and/or wetting the car down REALLY well, letting it soak into the foam seals for a little while, then hose it down again. Then look for the leak.

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Q: Why would the front and rear drivers side floor board of a 1999 Mercury Sable 4 door sedan get wet when it rains but the doors and seats are dry.?
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