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Why would the front passenger tire of an 85 Toyota 4x4 pick-up wiggle when it is jacked up?


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2005-01-24 23:43:44
2005-01-24 23:43:44

it is called steering knuckle Bearings Top and Bottom of your knuckle...that is if your wheel bearings are tight...if you have gone this far and nobody can help you past this take everything done to the housing including the knuckle you will see the two bearings i am talking about they are hard to find nobody knows what the hell i am talking about when i ask for them...but they are out there. Somewhere.. thanks Toyota Lover Two


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Might be that the nut holding the wheel bearing needs tightening or that the wheel bearing needs replacing. Going to have to take it apart to get to the bottom of this one.

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First locate the resistor, it should be under the hood, on the firewall, passenger side, near the blower motor. Unplug the electrical connection, remove the small screws holding it in place then wiggle the resistor out.

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