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You have a short circuit. make sure a bare wire is not touching metal Found the answer: I had a bad daytime running light module.

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Q: Why would the fuse for your headlights blow every time you replace it?
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Why would Both of your headlights blew out at the same time?

The correct grammar would be "Why would both of your headlights blow out at the same time".

What is the cost in running with headlights on during daylight hours?

your headlights will burn out faster and could possibly blow a fuse, but you would go through headlights and a drastically increased rate if you use headlights when they are unneeded.

Headlights keep blowing on a camaro?

There is a voltage regulator located on the internals of you alternator replace the altenator. Voltage regulator keeps voltage constant and stops spikes in power output, this is what is causing your headlights to blow.

1991 talon headlights do not retract. What would cause this?

blow fuse, bad motor, bad switch or wiring

What would cause the interior instrument panel lights not to work as well as the Taillights and the Fuse to blow every time you turn on the headlights On a 1998 Dodge Durango?

sounds like a short circuit in trailer plug or wires to it?

Why would your lowbeam headlights quit working and cruise control?

It is possible that both of the fuses are bad for the low beam headlights and the cruise control. A loose ground wire could cause the fuses to blow.

What causes my 2001 Expedition fuse 15 to blow every time I replace it?

There is a electrical short somewhere...

How do you fix a 1995 Chevy truck blower that will blow on every setting but high?

Replace the high speed relay.

Why do headlights not dim?

Your headlights may not dim because you don't have dimmer lights. Dimmer lights can blow and leave you with just the high beams.

Why would hot steam blow from the heater vents?

Leak in heater core. Replace core.

What would cause the fuel pump fuse to blow on a Saturn when the key is turned on?

Fuel pump is locked up. Replace it.

Why does the fuse in 1997 Ford Expedition blow every time you replace it?

The fuse will blow when the current draw in the circuit that the fuse is protecting is more than the rating of the fuse. It usually indicates a faulty componet in the circuit or grounded wiring.

What happens when you blow a main fuse in your car?

just replace it and make sure you undo whatever you did to blow it.

Heater does not blow hot air in 1996 Cavalier?

replace anti-freeze, replace thermostat

How much would it cost to replace a blowin headgasket on a 1997 Lumina?

What is the avearage cost to fix a blow headgasket on a 98 lumina

I have a 1991 Ford Escort every time that I press on the horn from the steering wheel it blow the fuse. How can I fix it.?

Check the Horn wiring and if this is good then replace the horn.

Why do you blow a fuse and lose your marker lights when you turn on your headlights in your 2001 Mazda 626?

There is a shorted wire or bulb in that circuit.

What would cause the fuse 7 to blow every time you put the car in drive?

You have bad ground in the switch

Why would your high beams not work but the regular headlights do?

Bad bulbs Bad dimmer switch Believe it or not, you can blow the filaments for low or high beams only, without affecting the opposite. However since it is highly unlikely that you are going to blow the same filament in both lights at the same time, I would suggest that you check your dimmer switch.

When a fuse blows what should you do?

Determine what caused it to blow, fix the fault that caused it to blow, replace the fuse.Sometimes people replace the fuse first, but fuses rarely blow for no reason, and replacing the fuse without rectifying the fault can lead to additional damage.

What would cause a fuse to blow on a 2003 Nissan Frontier every time you put it in reverse?

A wire is shorting to ground.

If you did a free dive down to 1000 ft how long would it take to blow a balloon up?

2 hours if it takes 20 puffs and you have to resurface to get breath for every blow into the ballon,and each dive and resurface takes 20 minutes then it would take 6 hours 40min to blow the balloon up

Do you need to replace the whole motor if its blow due to no oil?


Why would a 96 Buick Lesabre heater blow hot air out the driver and back side but not the passenger side?

You need to replace the heater coil !

Can you replace a 7.5 fuse with a 5 or 10?

You cannot because a five amp fuse would blow because the original fuse was seven point five. and a ten amp fuse would not blow quick enough to save or even be safe to use it in whatever you are using it for.