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Why would the fuses for the air suspension and interior dome lights keep blowing in a 1992 Lincoln Town Car?


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your air bags have a lick


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Why do interior lights stay on when engine is shut off on 2001 Lincoln Continental car?

In a 1997 Lincoln Continental : To the right of your headlight switch in the dash is a ( panel dim ) switch I believe if that is turned all the way up then the interior lights will come on

horn/dv on my van. I'm having problems with a fuse blowing for my inside lights. horn/dv on my van. I'm having problems with a fuse blowing for my inside lights. horn/dv on my van. I'm having problems with a fuse blowing for my inside lights.

Circuit overloaded, short in wiring, or the fuse you are using is not the OEM correct fuse.

try pushing the headlight switch with 1999 Lincoln Towncar

Yes, all electrical components are fused.

Headlights, interior lights, parking lights,Headlights, interior lights, parking lights,

Try turning them off. This is done with the dimmer control of the dash lights.

many including a/c radio,interior lights,auto suspension leveling system.etc...

A radio fuse might keep blowing if the radio itself needs an inline fuse in a 1997 Crown Victoria. It is possible that the radio and interior lights are not grounded properly. Installing an inline fuse between the radio and the fuse box may solve the problem of the fuse blowing.

Should be in the main fuse block. Look for a fuse labeled "courtesy".

How can I start the engine on a Lincoln town car. I accidently caused the horn to keep blowing and I kept pushing buttons on the remote until it quit blowing. Then the anti theft lights were flashing on the dash and the engine would not start.

how to get the interior lights to turn on on 2003 oldsmobile silhouette

Make sure that the interior light intensity knob didn't go all the way up because there is a point where it goes from "high" to the "on" position. You can feel it as you raise the intensity when it clicks over to on. This will keep your interior lights on.

Take old lights out. Put new lights in. Done. You have just changed the interior lights on a 97 Buick Regal!

There is a faulty fuse that goes to the interior lights. There could also be a short in the wiring that leads to the lights.

Hey LaMarcus==There is a short somewhere. You need to get a wiring diagram as I am quite sure the radis is supposed to be on a separate fuse not wired with the lights. GoodluckJoe

Well they are interior lights. Usually lights light up (assuming there is power to them and they aren't burnt out.

Hi, A friend had the same ploblem with his 2001 Lincoln Continental. The lights on the keypad and interior lights would randomly turn on. The problem was a defective keypad water was shorting the switch.

why do my lights flicker and interior lights flicker

where in the left fuse box ,interior courtesy lights, amp-color

how to fix interior dashboard lights for mt 2002 e320 Mercedes

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