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Why would the headlight quit working but the markerlights and tail lights still work on a 1992 Cadillac DeVille?

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2008-04-06 01:50:34

I filled out the wrong form..LOL The only thing that i can think

of is...a dimmer switch..the headlight switch itself..OR the

BULBS.See if you can go to high or low beam ..with your lights

ON..if you can i'd say dimmer switch..pull the wires off these

switches use a jumper wire or touch them together this will tell

you something.I have a few 79 Cadillac's my son was "using"one..

headlight's went out.. EVERYTHING else was working I got excited!!

took it to BARNES/RHODES @ Main /Broad ST in Chattanooga TN..(they

have CHANGED their name)They took my sentinal out (lights come on @

dusk or tunnels etc) claiming that was the problem..LOTS of

money..when they finished..i did'nt have dash lights..didn't know

until LATER..took it back they said that was another problem.I

STILL feel like KICKING MY OWN A.. for giving up that kind of money

for all it was a DIMMER SWITH.. the car did the SAME thing later

all it was the DIMMER SWITCH... And check and make sure the

connections @ the dimmer switch is ok. GOOD LUCK try and save ...if

you can't don't let no mechanic TRICK you. PEACE IN THE USA PRAY

for the TROOPS and let those people help DEFEND themselves...use

some of that OIL MONEY to support the TROOPS and THEMSELVE'S

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